11 Popular Residential Window Options

When homeowners start shopping for windows, whether for a new construction project or a remodeling job, they often find themselves astounded by how many styles they can choose from. There are dozens of different sorts of windows available to modern shoppers. This alphabetical guide will introduce you to 11 of them.

  1. Awning windows – Awning windows feature cranks that allow them to open outwardly, thereby catching a breeze and letting it into a room. These windows are frequently fan-shaped and are often installed to add architectural interest. They can also be used for fresh air above windows that do not open.
  2. Bay windows – Bay windows are extremely desirable among most homeowners. These windows are typically done in sets of three, which are angled to form an interior “bay” in a room. Most popularly, fixed picture windows are used in bays, but casement styles are also a good option.
  3. Bow windows – Bow windows have at least three curved panes that are arranged in a semi-circular or circular pattern. They are often custom-made and are most frequently found in historic residences; they were extremely popular during the Victorian era. If, however, you have a newer house and you love the look of bow windows, you can certainly add one.
  4. Casement windows – Casement windows feature side hinges so they can be opened to either the left or the right; this is what makes them a good option for the side sections of bays. They are also quite popular above kitchen sinks, as they can easily be cranked open from a bit of a distance.
  5. Double-hung windows – Double-hung windows are extremely popular today. They are used in almost all newly constructed homes and are often chosen for window replacements in existing abodes. These windows feature top and bottom sashes that can be both raised and lowered and, generally, have panes that can be tilted to the interior for cleaning and general maintenance.
  6. Hinged patio doors – Window manufacturers often sell hinged patio doors because they feature large windows, making them ideal for spaces that need more natural light, but also need to serve as entry/exit points. These doors tend to have a more traditional look than sliding patio doors, which will be showcased later.
  7. Picture windows – Picture windows are generally quite large and feature a single pane of immovable glass. They are frequently used in conjunction with other types of windows, such as in a bay that also has casement windows or underneath of an awning window.
  8. Shaped windows – There is not a single definition of a shaped window. This term refers to almost any window that doesn’t fall into one of the other categories in this guide. Shaped windows are often crafted to look like arches, stars, or just about any other shape you can imagine. It bears noting that they are generally custom-made and, therefore, have additional fees.
  9. Single-hung windows – Single-hung windows involve the same concept as double-hung styles, but only the bottom sash is able to be raised. This makes them tougher to clean and maintain, but they are often chosen by budget-minded homeowners who can’t afford double-hung models, yet desire the look they offer.
  10. Sliding patio doors – Although sliding patio doors are not windows in the traditional sense, they are often manufactured by window brands because of the large windows they typically feature. These are great for spaces where homeowners want to add lots of natural light without losing an entry/exit point.
  11. Sliding windows – Sliding windows come in a variety of sizes and are great for spaces like sun porches. A vertical sash allows them to slide open, typically revealing a screen that lets a breeze in without the annoyance of bugs. Sliding windows are often surprisingly affordable for the amount of enjoyment people usually get from them.

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