2018 Most Popular Exterior Color Schemes

Rarely, do you see a house that is all painted one specific color. If you know of one, then you have found a hidden gem. As the years have progressed, designers have begun to add mixed styles of siding and multiple color schemes to create a ” wow” factor. In fact, if you search popular pages like Pinterest, this is a common look that you will see. However, if you are like me, I am a bit traditional and have a hard time picking out one color let alone three that look good together. Instead of spending hours in the paint section taking notes on what other homeowners chose that day, let me do the work for you. Here is a list of the top color schemes of 2018 for you:

1) Ivory + White + Aqua
2) Cool Green + Butter Yellow + Pure White
3) Slate Gray + White + Deep Turquoise
4) Olive Green + Oak + White
5) Simply White with natural wood accents
6) Dark + Light Gray

While this list is helpful to know which colors compliment each other well, it is not very specific to an exact color. Here is the list of James Hardie ColorPlus shades.
1) Sail Cloth siding+ Arctic White trim + Your choice of an aqua colored door
2) Heathered Moss siding + Sail Cloth or Woodland Cream Siding + Arctic White trim
3) Gray Slate siding +Artice White trim + Your choice of a deep turquoise door
4) Heathered Moss siding + Oak Wood accents + Arctic White trim
5)Arctic White siding with natural wood beams and planter boxes to add a rustic-inspired look.
6) Combination of Gray Slate siding + Pearl Gray + Arctic White trim


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