2019 Trends For the Outside of Your Home

If your home has begun to look dated and you’ve found yourself wishing it looked different every day when you pull into the driveway, there’s no time like the present to start considering an exterior renovation. Focusing on modern trends is a great way to make sure your house ends-up with a contemporary appearance, but it is important to select changes that won’t start looking outmoded in just a year or two. As you read the remainder of this guide, you’ll discover a few 2019 trends that will last well into the future.

Dark color combinations

Homeowners who want their houses to make a bold statement should seriously consider buying into the dark-on-dark trend. Done correctly, dark color combinations don’t have to look dreary, but can, instead, make a powerful impact on everyone who passes your residence. A charcoal roof with dark navy or forest green siding, for example, will pack a punch visually. You can also opt to pair dark siding with dark trim and light-colored landscaping for a striking aesthetic.

Classic with a twist

If you live in a Carolina home that has a traditional appearance, you might not want to stray too far from classic color combinations like white and black. Consider, however, adding a modern twist by using, for instance, creamy white exterior walls with blue or grey trim. This will soften the overall look and play into the modern farmhouse trend, but will still stand the test of time if you’re looking for a long-term color palette.

Upscale outdoor living areas

With increasing frequency, families are spending their leisure time at home instead of out on the town. This has led to an increase in the number of Carolina homeowners who are interested in creating upscale outdoor living areas on their properties. There are all sorts of amenities that can be added to these spaces depending on your family’s wants and needs. Outdoor televisions, high-end grills and smokers, and exotic wood decks are all popular among homeowners who have large budgets for their projects.

Redo an old shed

If you have a dilapidated shed in your yard, consider converting it into a usable space where your family can get creative. “She sheds” are a major trend; these spaces are the feminine version of the “man cave” and frequently feature crafting areas or gardening nooks. If nobody in your household is interested in a “, she shed,” consider turning your currently unused space into a home gym, a playroom, or something else your family has always dreamed of. Not only will converting your old shed give you a brand new part of your home, but it will enhance the appearance of your property.

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