3 Steps To Modernize Your Charlotte, NC Home

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Modern or contemporary style of homes is on the rise. Whether you live in the city of LA or the suburban neighborhoods of Charlotte, NC. The simplistic designs and the use of multiple materials transform homes into a piece of artwork.
While building a new home to achieve this look may seem appealing there are ways to create this look on your current home.
1.Painting- is one step to bring this idea alive. You may be asking yourself well, what colors are classified as modern? The most popular colors in the James Hardie Colorplus collection are rich espresso, deep ocean, iron gray, and night gray. Compliment these bold, rich choice of colors by adding colored trim instead of the traditional artic white.
Woodstock brown, monterey taupe and timber bark are a few of my favorites.
2. Doors- Replace your current wood door with a more modern one or paint it a bold orange or bright yellow to achieve this look.
3. House Numbers- Forget those dull painted on numbers. You can simply change the look of your home by replacing them. Another option that is nicer to your wallet is to take your existing house numbers and attached them to a piece of wood to give it an updated look.

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