4 Awesome Bedroom Window Treatments

No matter where you live in North Carolina or South Carolina, from a mountain cabin to a beachside bungalow to a historic mansion, there’s no doubt that you want your bedroom to be a space that relaxes and renews you. Many people don’t initially realize how important bedroom window treatments are to the overall looks of their spaces until they’ve lived with unattractive drapes or blinds for a while. If you are on the hunt for new window treatments for your bedroom, look no further. This guide features four great ideas that are sure to spark your creativity!

    1. Floor-to-ceiling drapes – There’s nothing subtle about floor-to-ceiling drapes, but they don’t have to overwhelm your space. To keep floor-to-ceiling window treatments visually light, use translucent curtain panels in a dusty gray or taupe hue. Translucent drapes are ideal for bedrooms because they block enough light that daytime napping is possible, but also keep the ambiance as cheerful as possible on dreary days. They also allow homeowners to enjoy beautiful Carolina scenery. It is important to note that floor-to-ceiling window treatments work best in houses that have high ceilings. 
    2. Plantation shutters – Although plantation shutters have quite a history (they’ve existed for well over two-hundred years!), they are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Some historic Carolina homes have original plantation shutters, but this type of window treatment certainly doesn’t have to look old-fashioned. As a matter of fact, contemporary plantation shutters are perfect for homeowners who don’t want to add more fabric to their bedrooms yet. They provide a sleek, streamlined look that appeals to people who have a modern sense of style. 
    3. Patterned curtains – Patterned curtains don’t work in every space. If, however, you have chosen neutral walls and bed linens or you have an extremely eclectic room, a bold print may be the perfect choice for your window treatment overhaul. People who live in converted loft spaces in Charlotte or Raleigh, for instance, can usually find patterned curtains that complement their spaces, which may include exposed brick and industrial piping. 
    4. Nothing at all – Both North Carolina and South Carolina are naturally gorgeous. Depending on how close you live to your neighbors and where your bedroom is located in your home, you may not want to use any window treatments at all. Bare windows can work, especially if they are large picture windows or bay windows. If you’re truly concerned about privacy, consider investing in windows that have built-in shades you can control with a remote when you need them. You can also look into purchasing smart window film, which can be installed on existing windows and can generally be controlled via a smartphone app built by the manufacturer. 

At Hatch Homes, we offer a variety of window installation services. If you are interested in having new windows put in before you go to the effort of selecting the perfect window treatments, give us a call. A member of our crew will be happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote at your earliest convenience. We look forward to meeting you and answering your questions!

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