4 Key Ways to Up Your Garden Game This Spring

More and more homeowners are striving to return to a simpler way of life that often includes growing their own food, at least to a certain extent. If you are planning to seriously improve your gardening game this year, the helpful tips in this guide are sure to make it easier for you to achieve your garden goals. Whether you want to cultivate flowers or food, the suggestions you’ll read here are versatile enough to aid any sort of Carolina gardener. 

  1. Prepare your soil before you plant – Many novice gardeners don’t realize just how crucial their soil quality is. If you don’t spend any time preparing your soil before you plant, you are unlikely to grow the types of plants and produce you desire. There are a variety of things you can do to get your soil ready for planting. These include removing twigs, leaves, and debris, using any fertilizer products you may have on-hand, and adding compost at least one week prior to planting. 
  2. Fix raised beds and edge flatbeds – There are two types of garden beds: raised beds and flatbeds. Raised beds are typically created in specialized troughs or on shipping pallets. Flatbeds are the conventional flower beds that are on most residential properties. During the cool Carolina winters, both raised and flatbeds can sustain damage. Make sure your beds are in good shape prior to planting and that all of the edges are sturdy and/or shored-up for the season. 
  3. Find out what your zone is – There are various weather zones throughout the world. All plants are rated for use in different zones. Learn what your planting zone is by searching for a plant hardiness map online. The U.S. Department of Agriculture always offers a current zone map. 
  4. Stay on top of spring weeds – If you notice any weeds popping-up in your garden in the early spring, don’t let them linger! Even if your area of North Carolina or South Carolina experiences a cold snap, it is wise to continue weeding. Nipping your weed problem in the bud (literally) could save your garden come summertime. 

If you have any questions about planting a thriving garden or caring for specific kinds of plants, visit a local nursery for assistance. Generally, Carolina nursery employees are knowledgeable and helpful. The more time you spend learning about your garden, the easier it will be for you to take proper care of it. Furthermore, the better educated you are, the more passion you are likely to develop for gardening in general. 

If you are a brand new gardener and you’re at a complete loss for where to start, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a landscape designer. Many homeowners are under the mistaken impression that working with a landscaper is an extremely expensive process, but it certainly doesn’t have to be! As a matter of fact, many of these professionals provide hourly services. You’ll be surprised by what you can learn about your yard in just an hour or two!

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