4 Reasons to Replace Your Home’s Siding in Autumn

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If you know the time has come to have new siding put on your house, but you aren’t sure what time of year is best for this sort of project, you might be feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place. This guide is meant to help you point you toward the right season to schedule your siding job, particularly if you reside in the Southern region of the United States. Residents of North Carolina and South Carolina, for example, will find that autumn is the perfect time of year to have residential siding installed. Four key reasons for this are outlined below.

    • The outdoor temperature is optimum – Because Southern states tend to have such hot, humid summers, the hottest months of the year are not ideal for installing siding. Extreme heat can actually cause siding boards to warp, not to mention put installers in danger of dehydration and head stroke! Wintertime, on the other hand, is often too cold, particularly in many parts of North Carolina, to properly install new siding. This makes fall the ideal time of year from a weather standpoint.
    • Parents won’t have kids at home all day – While this point certainly doesn’t apply to all homeowners, parents of school-aged children will absolutely understand why this matters. Not having your young sons and daughters running around a veritable construction zone, like they would be during summer, spring break, or winter vacation is a definite perk to choosing “back to school” season for your siding project!
    • You will be ready for winter – This point is especially pertinent for those homeowners who live in parts of North Carolina and South Carolina that experience harsh winter weather. Siding that is cracked, warped, or bubbling doesn’t protect your home the way that it is supposed to. If your siding has begun exhibiting any of these warning signs, replacing it during the autumn season will ensure that you are prepared for the winter weather ahead. Two major benefits are that your home will be better insulated and you won’t have to worry about snow and ice melting and causing water damage.
    • You may save money – While contractors’ rates tend to drop most dramatically during the wintertime, some start to reduce their fees when fall rolls around. Spring and summer are arguably the busiest times of year for home renovation professionals, so they tend to charge the most money during those seasons. Therefore, by doing an autumn project, you may save some money. To make sure you’re getting the best fall rate, though, it’s a good idea to get quotes from all of the contractors you’re considering before you make your final decision. This way, you can feel confident that you are getting the most bang for your buck, so to speak.

The team at Hatch Homes can install all sorts of siding with exceptional results. No matter what your vision is for your home, we are here to help make it into a reality! If you’re ready to schedule a fall siding project, contact us today to set-up an appointment with one of our expert installers.

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