4 Summer Projects For the Entire Family

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As a parent or grandparent, it can sometimes be difficult to come up with summer projects that are fun and educational for everyone in your family, including the youngest members of the crew. Long, summer days, though, can quickly become boring without some pre-planned activities to do together. This guide is designed to provide you with four great home remodeling project ideas that your entire family can do together. Not only will this keep everyone busy and engaged, but it will give all of you memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Create wooden picture frames – Since reclaimed wood items of all kinds are extremely trendy these days, this is a fun and fashionable project for kids to help with. Take pallet wood or other wood scraps you have lying around the house and fashion them into picture frames. One great way to involve little ones is to let them paint the frames when they’re finished. At the end of the summer, let each child select some favorite photos to display.
  • Construct a bee house – Not only will this project teach older kids how to drill, sand, and measure, but it will allow you to have a conversation with them about the state of the bee population, which is quickly dwindling. There are many free plans for simple bee houses available online, making this an inexpensive activity your family can do together. In the end, you might even get some delicious fresh honey out of the project!
  • Make a bird feeder – This is another educational project, as you will be able to teach your children or grandchildren about different types of birds and what attracts each of them to a bird feeder. Hummingbirds, for example, are known to be drawn to the color red and typically only eat hummingbird food. You will also be able to select the design for the bird feeder together, which is fun for children, as it makes them feel like they are playing an important role in the project. Again, free bird feeder designs are readily available on the web. Some families even try to construct several types of birdhouses, each designed for a different species.
  • Build a playset or playhouse – This advanced outdoor remodeling project is best for families that have both young children and slightly older children. Little ones won’t really be able to help too much with this, due to safety concerns, but pre-teens and teens can certainly assist. Constructing a playset or playhouse in your yard can be as simple or as elaborate of a job as you make it. Some families only build a small swing set, while others go all-out and build massive playgrounds.

Remember, these are just ideas to spark your imagination! Hopefully, you try at least one of them, but there are hundreds of renovation and re-decorating projects you can do with your kids or grandkids during the summertime. What is really important is for all of you to spend time together enjoying one another before school starts once again and it becomes harder to spend long, lazy days outside!

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