4 Ways Hail Can Damage Your Roof

Hail storms can happen anywhere in North Carolina and South Carolina. Some regions are more prone to hail storms than others, of course, but if you reside in this part of the country, the odds are good that you’ve dealt with hail damage at least a few times in your life. Certain types of hail damage, like dents on vehicles, are usually easy to spot. Hail damage on the roof of your home, though, can be more challenging to find. 

If you don’t make a habit of walking around on your roof, which most homeowners don’t, you might not even realize you have hail damage unless a professional inspector comes to assess your property following a major storm. If you do decide to take a look for yourself, though, it’s important to know what to look for. Here, you will learn about four specific ways hail can damage your roof. 

    1. Missing shingle granules – Asphalt shingles, which are the most common roofing material in the United States, are topped with small granules that protect the asphalt from damage. During severe storms, these granules can be knocked off by hailstones. While this might not initially seem like a big deal, losing its protective coating can cause the asphalt to start deteriorating quickly. Once that happens, your roof is likely to begin leaking. 
    2. Hail dents – Dents are perhaps the most obvious sign of hail damage. You might be tempted to leave dents on asphalt shingles alone if they can’t be seen from your yard, but they can actually cause water damage and other issues. Think of the shingle-like a fruit and the depression left by the dent as a bruise. Rain and snow will quickly be able to infiltrate the weak, “bruised” area. 
    3. Cracked and loosened shingles – Coupled with strong winds, it isn’t uncommon for hailstones to cause shingles to crack and even come loose. If you notice either of these problems, you should contact a professional Carolina roofer right away. It’s only a matter of time before loose, and broken shingles fall off entirely, exposing your roof to the elements and potentially resulting in structural damage. 
    4. Damage to fiberglass underlayment – On modern roofs, shingles are typically laid on top of a thin layer of fiberglass. This underlayment can get cracked during severe hail storms. It is unlikely that you’ll realize the fiberglass mat on your roof is damaged until an expert takes a look. Therefore, it’s wise to have an inspection any time you suspect hail damage might have occurred. 

You might be wondering if your homeowner’s insurance will cover any necessary repairs to your roof. Most of the time, the answer is “Yes,” but it is important to understand your specific policy before assuming you’ll receive a payout. Call your agent to learn more about the coverage you have. 

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