4 Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Driveway

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Even though your driveway may very well be the largest feature in your front yard, you probably give it the least amount of thought when it comes to curb appeal. Sometimes this is because homeowners simply don’t know how to make a standard driveway more attractive and, in other cases, it’s due to the fact that they don’t even think about the fact that driveways can actually be aesthetically appealing.

As you read this guide, you’ll see a few things that can be done to make a standard; boring driveways look modern and chic. Hopefully, at least one of these ideas will strike a chord with you and give you the motivation you need to remodel your home’s driveway area in the near future. Once the project is done, you’re sure to be amazed by what a difference it makes in the look of your property.

Concrete designs – Poured concrete is among the most conventional driveway materials. However, just because you choose a standard material, your driveway doesn’t need to look commonplace. Talk to your contractor about creating a design of some sort with the concrete. You might, for example, opt for a linear pattern that has room for grass between each line. This has a sleek look that is the perfect complement to contemporary houses.
Consider the environment – If you do your best to be eco-conscious when you do home renovations, a traditional driveway might not be right for you. Conventional surfaces can lead to water run-off and, ultimately, waste. Using a combination of pavers with on top of fescue is an excellent alternative that allows rainwater to drain immediately. Fescue is easy to care for, as you can simply mow it when you mow the rest of your lawn.
Create a courtyard space – If you have plenty of room in front of your house, you might want to consider creating not just a driveway, but a courtyard area. To do this, select a contemporary material, such as polished concrete tiles, and extend the space beyond what a standard driveway would require. In addition to looking good, this is a great way to provide guests with space to park their vehicles without ruining your yard.
Inspired by Asia – Because Asian design is soothing and minimalist, it continues to gain popularity throughout the United States, even in fairly traditional states like North Carolina and South Carolina. If your home has an Asian-inspired exterior, use it to help you design the perfect driveway. Granite squares mixed with pavers, for instance, add visual interest and mesh perfectly with all things Far East.

At Hatch Homes, the team loves doing outdoor projects that boost curb appeal. We believe that the happier your home makes you when you drive up to it, the more satisfied you will be with your space overall. If you’re thinking about doing a driveway project soon, give us a call. We would love to handle the job on your behalf. If you aren’t sure exactly what kinds of changes you want to make, we’ll even work with you to devise the perfect design plan.

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