4 Ways to Get Your Roof Winter Ready!

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For those who reside in the warmest regions of the Carolinas, prepping for winter isn’t much of a chore. These areas don’t experience snow, ice, and frigid temperatures, so getting ready for the season doesn’t require much effort. If, however, you live in a part of Carolina that gets its fair share of winter weather, it is essential to prepare your residential property annually. As you read this guide, you will find that there are four necessary things you should do to get your roof winter ready as the fall season winds down. 

      1. Have your gutters cleaned – It is all too common for homeowners to overlook their homes’ gutter systems as winter approaches. This is mainly because people are thinking about the fact that it probably won’t rain much, if at all, during the winter months. As ice and snowmelt, however, they too must be able to pass through gutters easily. Therefore, it is an excellent idea to have your gutters cleaned at the end of autumn to remove any leaves and debris that are causing clogs. 
      2. Check your roof for debris – Fallen tree branches and leaves, piles of dirt, and other unwanted debris can easily land on rooftops. If you’ve never thought about cleaning off your roof, you should do so before winter weather arrives this year. Snow and ice can accumulate on piles of debris, ultimately leading to a variety of issues, including water damage. You can get rid of debris yourself with a rake or a leaf blower, but if you’re concerned about getting injured if you climb on your roof, a professional roofing contractor can do this chore for you. 
      3. Have your roof inspected for problems – Roofing materials typically take a beating during the winter. Ice dams, melting snow, the weight of accumulating snow and ice, and high winds can all cause roof damage. Due to this, it is important for your roof to go into the season is excellent condition. Having a roofing contractor perform an annual inspection of your roof in the fall is a smart idea. He or she will be able to point out any red flags and get them repaired before winter begins. If you’re concerned about the cost associated with fixing your roof, remember that spending a little money on repairs now is much better than replacing the whole roof in the spring. 
      4. Make sure your attic has insulation and ventilation – All too often, homeowners don’t realize how crucial attic insulation and ventilation are to the functionality of their roofs. Without good insulation, cold air from outside can enter through the roof and pass straight through the attic area into your family’s living space. Without adequate ventilation, moisture has nowhere to escape, potentially leading to mold growth and other structural damage. 

If you are interested in speaking to a reputable roofing contractor soon, give the team at Hatch Homes a call. We are always interested in working with new families throughout North Carolina and South Carolina! No matter how extensive your roofing job is, we can provide you with the assistance you need. 

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