4 Ways to Prep Your Gutters For Ice and Snow

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Each year as fall winds down, there are plenty of chores for Carolina homeowners to do to get their houses ready for wintertime. One of the things you might not have thought too much about, though, is the state of your gutter system. Gutters, although they are often overlooked, play an incredibly important role in the structural integrity of your home. Without a functional gutter system, your home would almost certainly sustain water damage that could lead to long-term problems. Here, you will learn about four ways to prep your gutters for North Carolina ice and snow this winter season. 

    1. Clear debris – Throughout much of North Carolina, the autumn months bring falling leaves and blustery days. This can lead to all sorts of debris, including dead leaves, twigs, and branches, clogging gutters. Clearing this waste before winter arrives is a necessity. Furthermore, if there is any standing water in your gutters, it could cause cracking once temperatures begin to drop below the freezing point. If you don’t want to attempt to clean your gutters yourself, many reputable Charlotte, NC area professionals offer this service. 
    2. Check the pitch – The angle at which gutters run, also known as the pitch, is crucial when it comes to proper drainage. The extra weight from debris, age, and storms can all cause gutters to sag and bend. Before winter arrives, you should have a professional make sure your gutters have the correct pitch for optimal performance. This way, you won’t have to worry about melting ice and snow, causing problems at the end of the season. 
    3. Take a look at the seams – While seamless gutter systems are rising in popularity, many homes still have seams between each gutter section. These seams can start to detach from each other, leaving your gutters in disrepair. In some cases, gutter seams can be fixed, but sometimes it is best to replace the entire system. A professional will be able to provide you with options that suit your needs and budget. 
    4. Don’t forget the downspouts – If you are inspecting your gutters by yourself, it’s all too easy to forget to check the downspouts if everything else looks good. Downspouts, however, play an important role in directing water away from your home’s foundation, ultimately preventing water damage. If they have blockages or are otherwise functioning improperly, it is essential for them to be fixed as quickly as possible to avoid problems. 

While you can absolutely look for obvious issues with your gutters on your own, hiring a professional to do an inspection is the best idea. He or she will have the training and experience to notice potential problems before they even arise. This will help you avoid additional repairs and maybe an entire gutter system replacement in the future. The team at Hatch Homes has extensive experience with gutters in Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding area. To schedule a consultation, call our office at your earliest convenience. We look forward to meeting you!

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