5 Exterior Design Ideas For 2019 and Beyond

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As 2019 marches on, the host of beautiful home design trends it has brought with it show no signs of waning. It is important, however, to recognize that the year is over halfway through, so it is key to choose trends that are sure to last well into the future for your next remodeling project, whatever it may be. In this guide, you’ll discover some exterior design ideas that will keep your home on-trend for the remainder of 2019 but won’t lose their appeal in the years to come.

    1. Painted brick – Although the notion of painting brick isn’t new by any stretch of the imagination, it has enjoyed a resurgence in 2019. More and more homeowners are opting to paint traditional red brick with light and airy white paint, giving their homes completely new looks. This is a great way to update a residence that is starting to look outdated, mainly if the red brick is in poor condition and would require repairs anyway.
    2. Modern farm style – Chalkboard signs, shiplap, and “found” items are all hallmarks of the modern farmhouse trend. Although this look has already been popular for several years, it shows no signs of waning anytime soon. To add modern farm style to the exterior of your home, consider wide, cream-colored siding boards, industrial-looking outdoor light fixtures, and a trendy metal roof.
    3. Smart lighting – Outdoor lighting is an oft-overlooked part of exterior design. In 2019, however, there has been a surge in the popularity of smart lighting for outside spaces. Not only do these fixtures add security because you can program them to turn on when you are headed home, but many of them are solar-powered, making them significantly more eco-friendly than electric options. Green initiatives are only going to continue to gain traction among homeowners, so don’t hesitate to do this renovation now.
    4. Elevated gardens – Whether you are an urban-dweller who doesn’t have space for a traditional garden or you live in a rural region of the Carolinas where pests like rabbits and raccoons are a constant problem, elevated garden beds are a functional and trendy choice. Typically, homeowners create these using galvanized tubs. Elevated gardens are ideal for people who want to start growing their own food or flowers, but don’t want to till-up their lawns. Bonus: They are relatively easy to care for!
    5. Outdoor living rooms – Carolinians know that their outdoor spaces are indeed an extension of their homes. Because the weather is nice for much of the year in most parts of these states, the outdoor living room trend is particularly popular. Upscale outside areas that include full gourmet kitchens, comfortable seating, fire pits, televisions, and other amenities are ideal for families who love making memories on their decks or patios. These spaces are also perfect for Saturday football in the South.

At Hatch Homes, our crew can assist with many exterior renovation jobs. If you have ideas for your home, don’t hesitate to give us a call to find out if your ideas are in-line with the services we offer. We love helping our clients transform their houses into the homes they’ve always dreamed of, and we can’t wait to start your next project!

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