5 Important Topics to Discuss With Your Contractor

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Just about every home renovation is going to have stressful moments. It’s simply a fact. However, you can reduce the amount of anxiety you experience during your upcoming remodel by talking to your contractor about a few key issues before he or she even gets started. This article features five such topics.

  1. What hours and days will you work? – Setting clear expectations, on both your part and your contractor’s part, regarding working hours will eliminate a lot of potential confusion right off the bat. If, for instance, you are under the impression your contractor and his or her team will be working seven days per week, but he or she only intends to be there five days per week, knowing this information ahead of time will be beneficial for everyone involved in the project. You also need to establish what times your contractor will arrive and leave each day. This way, you can make sure someone is there to give him or her access to your house and lock-up upon his or her departure.
  2. Can I have a list of pertinent phone numbers and email addresses? – Before your contractor gets started, make sure you get not only his or her contact information, but the phone numbers and email addresses of anyone who will be working with him or her. This is particularly important if any subcontractors or outside specialists will be assisting with your renovation project. Even if you don’t understand why you would need all of these details right now, there are a variety of reasons you might need to contact one of these professionals, so it’s best to have everything on hand.
  3. How will my property be maintained during construction? – You need to ask this question before your renovation begins to make sure everything is done correctly from day one of the project. If, for instance, you are having exterior work done and you want to make sure tarps are put over certain landscaping features, that needs to be made clear. You also need to ask where the dumpster will be located and who will be cleaning your home following each day of work, particularly if you are going to be living in the space throughout the construction process.
  4. When would you like to do progress updates? – It is imperative to meet with your contractor on a regular basis to get status updates on your project. It’s a good idea to have a set day and time each week for this to occur. Maybe, for example, you would like to start every Monday with a brief meeting. Just make sure the scheduled time slot works with both of your schedules.
  5. How are payments going to work? – You absolutely must make sure you know when you need to pay your contractor and how much you need to give him or her each time. For small remodeling jobs, full payment may be due upfront, but for larger projects, most contractors are willing to offer payment plans to their clients. It’s a good idea to mark your various payment dates on your calendar so you can make sure you have checks written for your contractor on all of the appropriate days.

The team at Hatch Homes will make sure you and your family are well taken care of throughout your remodeling project. Our caring, professional team will keep you in the loop every step of the way and be willing to answer all of your questions using simple terms that are easy to understand. We’ve been helping families in the Carolinas and Virginia design their dream homes for years, and we are excited to help you next!

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