5 Issues Caused By Poorly Maintained Roofs and Attics

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As a homeowner, you are not alone if you don’t spend a lot of time thinking about things in your home that aren’t right in front of you on a regular basis. Roof ventilation and attic insulation are two issues that often fall into this category. However, poorly vented roofs and badly insulated attics can actually lead to a variety of serious problems that could cost you a great deal of money to fix. Therefore, it is wise to educate yourself and be on the lookout for some common issues that could indicate you need your roof and attic inspected by a professional as soon as possible. Five common problems are detailed here.

    • Ice dams – If you live in an area of North Carolina or South Carolina where winter weather regularly strikes, ice dams can be a major issue. These form when heat escapes from an under-insulated attic, causing melting snow to re-freeze at the edge of the roof. Ice dams can displace shingles, lead to gutter deterioration, and result in rot.
    • Rust – Rust is caused by excess moisture, which is one of the main problems caused by poor roof ventilation and a lack of attic insulation. If your roof retains too much dampness, the odds are good that nails and fasteners will begin to rust and break, causing shingles to fall off. Furthermore, if rust invades your attic space itself, you might have to replace plumbing lines, electrical boxes, and other potentially pricey fixtures.
    • Expensive utility bills – This issue is especially pertinent for people who reside in the balmy Carolinas. The less insulation you have in your attic, the hotter your home will get during the warmer months of the year. This means that your air conditioning will have to work overtime to keep your house at a comfortable temperature, ultimately resulting in expensive utility bills that could have been prevented by having an expert inspect your roof and attic. If your region gets cold, the opposite problem will occur in the winter; the lack of insulation will make your house chillier, thereby raising your heating costs.
    • Mold infestations – The extra moisture caused by poor ventilation can ultimately result in mold growth. This can happen when something as simple as shower steam or cooking condensation rises into the attic area and cannot escape. Mold infestations can be quite serious and can cause health problems for you and the other members of your household. Making sure your attic is adequately insulated, and your roof is venting well are excellent ways to protect your family’s wellbeing.
    • General roof deterioration – As moisture rises from the attic through your home’s whole roofing system, damage can occur from the bottom layer up. Over time, this can lead to rot in the sublayer and displacement of the shingles. Ultimately, you might need an entirely new roof, which can be an expensive project.

If you haven’t ever had your roof and attic inspected, or if it has been years since you did, now is a great time to hire a reputable professional to take a look at your house. There are dozens of excellent contractors operating in North Carolina and South Carolina, so you should have no trouble finding a reliable expert to check out your property. If you need help finding someone local, talk to friends and family members or look-up online reviews of the contractors you’re considering.

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