5 Options For Your Home’s Exterior

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If you are in the process of either doing a home renovation or building a brand new home, you are undoubtedly making a lot of decisions right now. One of those choices might be what kind of cover to put on the outside of your home. For many years, people could choose from wood siding, brick, and sometimes stucco; there weren’t many more options. Nowadays, though, there are dozens of different products on the market. As you read this guide, you’ll learn more about five of them.

  • Horizontal siding – Horizontal lap siding is the most common home covering product sold in the United States. This is the type of siding you see on most houses. It can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, aluminum, vinyl, and, most recently, fiber cement. Horizontal siding works well on just about any style of home, comes in a wide range of colors, and is affordable on nearly any budget, with prices ranging from about $3 per square foot to over $10 per square foot installed.
  • Shingles – Shingles, which can also be referred to as “shakes” in the context of exterior home coverings, offer a unique look that is ideal for coastal homes, like those in North Carolina’s Outer Banks. They are also the perfect choice for Craftsman-style dwellings. Shingles are priced per piece and typically end-up costing slightly more than conventional horizontal vinyl siding. They come in all sorts of colors and can be made from wood, vinyl, and fiber cement.
  • Wood siding – Today’s wood siding doesn’t look like it used to. Modern incarnations are often highly polished, sleek, and unpainted, making them perfect for ultra-modern and mid-century houses. Most wood siding has tongue and groove construction, so it won’t move once it’s installed on your home. Many different kinds of hardwood can be turned into siding strips, but the more exotic the wood, the more money you’ll have to spend.
  • Stucco – Stucco is available in two types: natural and synthetic. Synthetic forms tend to be slightly cheaper, but it bears noting that they don’t “breathe” like natural stucco, so you may have to pay extra money to have a new drainage plane installed as well. Although stucco is a durable option for many home styles, it is most common in the American Southwest. Some historical waterfront homes, such as those in Charleston, SC, also look incredible with stucco exteriors, however.
  • Brick – Brick has been used to build and cover houses for hundreds of years. Modern homeowners, however, can get the look of brick even if their homes are made from other materials. Brick veneer is a great way to change the look of your house without spending a fortune. If, however, you have your heart set on an actual brick exterior, you are likely to pay between $15 per square foot and $20 per square foot. If this doesn’t work with your budget, consider pairing brick with another covering, such as vinyl or wood siding.

The Hatch Homes team is here to help you with your exterior remodeling job. Whether you know exactly what you want your house to look like when it’s finished, or you need some help along the way, you can count on us. We look forward to working with you and can’t wait to hear from you soon!

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