5 Reasons to Have a New Roof Installed

Almost all homeowners find themselves considering investing in a new roof at some point in time. This is one of the most common home renovation projects, in fact, because it is usually not optional, but a necessity. Storm damage, for instance, can render roofs completely non-functional until they are quickly replaced. 


If, however, you’ve been thinking about getting a new roof because yours is getting older, but there is no noticeable damage, you might be wondering what exactly the perks are. Here, we dive into the top five reasons to have a new roof installed on your Carolina home. 


It will enhance your home’s curb appeal. 


Even though you probably don’t spend much time looking at your roof as you enter and exit your home, it is one of the first things passersby see from afar and it, somewhat surprisingly, perhaps, plays a huge role in your property’s overall curb appeal. 


Curled shingles, loose shingles, and missing shingles can all have a major negative impact on curb appeal – not to mention cause serious structural damage to your home! Therefore, replacing your roof when it begins showing signs of wear is a win-win decision. 


It will increase your property value.


Having a new roof installed on your home is a great way to increase your property value. Even if you don’t plan to move from your current Carolina home at any point in the near future, higher home value is never a bad thing. If, for example, you decide to take out a home equity loan at some point, you will be glad to have the extra funds available to you.


It will lower your energy bills. 


Over time, your energy bills are likely to noticeably decrease once you have a new roof put on your home. This is especially true for homeowners’ who previous roofs were old and inefficient. Today’s roofing materials are engineered with energy efficiency in mind, meaning that you can rest assured your roof will do its job to keep your home comfortable and your utility bills as low as possible. 


It will protect your possessions.


Although it is true that things aren’t everything, possessions can hold great value, both monetarily and sentimentally. When roofs fail, devastating storm damage is more likely to occur, harming your home and everything in it. Investing in a new roof, though, can provide you with a sense of security regarding your residence.


It is usually less costly than repairs in the long run.


Because it can be pricey to invest in an entirely new roof, many homeowners find themselves doing repairs rather than a full replacement. In the long run, however, it tends to actually cost more to repair a roof repeatedly than to replace it. Furthermore, with repairs, you run the risk of something being done incorrectly and actually doing more harm than good. 


If you think it’s time to consider a new roof for your house, the team at Hatch Homes is here to help. From teaching you about various roofing materials, including vinyl, metal, and slate, to actually installing your new roof, we are here to make the process as easy as possible for you and your family. 

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