5 Red Flags That It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

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If you are a homeowner, realizing you need to have your windows replaced is something of a right of passage. Very few homeowners never have to go through this process and, in most cases, those who do have their windows replaced are thrilled with the final outcome. Lower utility bills, a more temperate home, and increased curb appeal can all be results of total window replacement projects. In this guide, you will discover five red flags that indicate you need to consider replacing your residential windows sooner rather than later.

  1. You feel a draft – Even if you reside in the most temperate regions of North Carolina and South Carolina, there are sure to be unseasonably chilly days from time to time and, in the winter, temperatures will undoubtedly drop lower than they are the rest of the year. If you notice a draft when you stand by any of your home’s windows on cold days, it’s time to look into buying replacements. Not only is this an unpleasant sensation, but it can negatively affect your heating and cooling bills all year long; hot air entering your home in the summer, after all, is no better than cold air getting inside during the winter months.
  2. You see moisture between panes – Condensation can naturally form on window panes due to hot air outside/cool air inside and vice versa. If, however, you notice moisture between the panes of double-paned windows, it’s time to consider a replacement. This likely means a seal has failed, and the window is no longer doing its job properly. Remember, if you have to replace one window, it might be worth looking into replacing them all if they were installed at the same time.
  3. Your windows don’t lock correctly (or at all) – Window locks are important for two main reasons. The first is obvious; they go a long way toward keeping your family safe and deterring would-be intruders from entering your residence. Secondarily, however, locking your windows helps to create an airtight seal that allows your windows to be as energy-efficient as possible. If your home’s window locks don’t work function properly anymore, it’s time to look into having them replaced.
  4. Your window sashes are painted closed – As a house ages, trends change and various homeowners have different ideas about how to decorate it. This can lead people to do all sorts of home improvement projects, including painting trim on windows. If the bottom sashes of your windows have been painted shut and there’s no hope of removing the layers of paint, replacing them is probably the best option. Not only will your new windows be more energy-efficient overall, but they will look better and allow airflow when you want it.
  5. You live in a historic home – Houses constructed prior to 1960 almost always had lead paint, even on windows. Opening and shutting windows with this type of paint can ultimately release small particles of lead into your home’s air. Breathing this in can cause health problems over time, so it’s better to be safe than sorry and have new, updated windows installed.

If you are ready to start a window replacement project, contact Hatch Homes today to get started. Our team has a long history of working with families throughout North Carolina and South Carolina, and we can’t wait to get started on your window installation job. New windows can do wonders for the overall look of a house. You’re sure to be amazed by how great your home looks when our crew is finished.

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