5 Things to Know About the Contractor-Client Relationship

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Contractors and homeowners have unique relationships. There are very few other professional situations in which someone is in and out of your home as much as a remodeler. In order to have the best possible experience throughout your upcoming renovation, there are five key things you should know about how contractors and homeowners should interact with one another.

Your contractor knows a lot about your life, but doesn’t care – Some homeowners feel odd giving someone they don’t even really know such access to their houses and their personal lives. Even though most other people, including your friends, probably won’t be crawling around in your closet, bathrooms, and other private spaces, reputable contractors always behave with the utmost professionalism. They just want to do their jobs well. They don’t care if you haven’t done the laundry as recently as you should have or if your makeup counter is a disaster area.

Your contractor will work hard to please you if he can figure out what makes you tick – No two homeowners are just alike, so it can be very difficult to know precisely what different clients want and what makes them tick. Maybe, for example, you love the look of rustic painted cabinets, while another person thinks they look tacky and wants them replaced. This is why open communication with your contractor is so important! Unless you make your vision for your space clear, he or she will not know what to do to make you happy with the end result.

Don’t take it personally if a contractor seems short with you – It is important for you to remember that your job is not the only one your remodeling contractor is working on. As a matter of fact, he or she is probably overseeing at least four or five projects, if not more. If, therefore, your contractor doesn’t seem fully invested in something you’re saying that is unrelated to your renovation, don’t be offended. He or she is probably just thinking about all the work that has to be completed not only on your job but on multiple others as well.

Contractors love the challenge of what they do – Every contracting job is unique, from the project itself to the budget, to the homeowner’s vision. This means that every project has unique challenges the contractor may or may not have dealt with before. This is one of the most appealing parts of the occupation for most renovation contractors. Every day is one-of-a-kind, and they never know exactly what they’re going to have to deal with. Handling various challenges is contractors’ lifeblood, and the payoff is knowing they created amazing homes for their clients to enjoy for decades to come.

10% overhead and 10% profit isn’t a legitimate claim – It is not true that all contractors pay 10% of a job’s total cost in overhead and earn 10% in profit. In reality, the overhead for contractors is massive (after all, they have to ensure a company whose employees work with dangerous power tools every day) and the profit margin may or may not break 10% on any given job. Know that your contractor probably isn’t getting wealthy doing this job, but you can have confidence that he or she absolutely loves it at the end of the day.

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