5 Things You Can Do to Curate a Summer Oasis in Your Yard

Nearly all Carolinians love being outside during the spring and summer months. Although different areas of North Carolina and South Carolina have markedly different climates, from the mountainous region surrounding Asheville, NC to the beaches of Hilton Head, SC, these states’ residents can agree that outdoor living is wonderful. 

If you’ve been thinking about making updates to your backyard this year, you’re in the right place. As you read this short guide, you’ll discover five simple things you can do to curate a summer oasis in your yard before summer arrives. With an ever-increasing number of homeowners entertaining at their houses, outdoor living spaces are becoming more and more elaborate. There’s no time like the present to make your exterior space a true extension of your home. 

    1. There is no such thing as landscape overkill – The better landscaped your yard is, the more welcoming it will feel. In addition, more landscaping can, somewhat surprisingly, result in less upkeep. Putting rocks and low-maintenance plants where grass used to be, for instance, is a great way to increase visual appeal while reducing the amount of time you have to spend doing yard work. 
    2. Color, color, color – The more color you can manage to squeeze into your yard, the nicer it will look. This is one of the reasons why English gardens are so popular! If you’re not sure how to incorporate color without your lawn looking careless, schedule a consultation with a landscaper. A local professional will be able to help you pull together your desired look in your Carolina backyard. 
    3. Choose a focal point – Creating a focal point in your backyard will completely change the look of the space. There are all sorts of things that can serve as focal points, such as fountains, swimming pools, and stylish fire pits. Think about your lifestyle and what your family will get the most good out of when deciding on a focal point feature for your yard makeover. 
    4. Use light fixtures liberally – Nobody wants to sit outside in utter darkness, so the more light fixtures you have outdoors, the more you and your loved ones are likely to use your exterior living space. Make sure you consider lighting design like you would inside. You’ll want overhead lights (to the best of your ability), task lighting, and pathway illumination. 
    5. Invest in high-quality seating – Comfortable seating is key to making your backyard feel like a home. Modern outdoor furnishings are more like indoor chairs and couches than ever before, so no matter what your style is, you’re sure to find something that suits your space. Remember, it’s important to invest in covers for all of your outdoor furniture to protect it from the elements. Even if you have a covered space in your yard, rain and snow can still damage your furniture. 

Follow these tips to create a Carolina backyard oasis that you and your family can enjoy for many years to come. There’s no right way to curate your dream outdoor space. The most important thing is for you to include elements that fit your lifestyle and budget. 

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