5 Tips to Keep Your Vinyl Floors in Great Shape

Vinyl floors once had a somewhat negative reputation, but today’s vinyl flooring offers a host of benefits. It has an upscale appearance, is affordable, and lasts for decades. As a matter of fact, high-end vinyl is replacing hardwood in an increasing number of Carolina remodeling jobs and new construction projects. 

One of the biggest perks of contemporary vinyl flooring is that it typically looks like other materials, such as wood planks or stone tiles, but doesn’t have the downsides of these products. Wood, for example, can get scratched over time and require expensive refinishing. Stone tends to get slippery when it is wet, making it a challenge in both kitchens and bathrooms, areas where it is commonly used. 

If you’ve recently had vinyl flooring installed in your home or you’re thinking about investing in this sort of flooring soon, this guide will help you take care of your new floors. Below, you’ll find five key tips to keep your vinyl flooring great shape. 

  1. Use “Bare Floor Mode” – Most vacuums have a “bare floor mode” setting. If yours does, use this when you vacuum your residential vinyl floors. If this option isn’t available on the vacuum you have, remove the beater bar when you’re vacuuming vinyl. This will prevent unnecessary wear and tear. 
  2. Clean spills quickly – Life happens and occasional spills are inevitable. When something does get spilled on your vinyl flooring, however, make sure you wipe it up as quickly as possible. This way, it won’t stain or discolor your vinyl. This tip is especially important for those who have light-colored vinyl flooring.
  3. Don’t use abrasive cleaning supplies – “Abrasive” cleaners include anything with bleach and anything acidic, such as vinegar. Harsh cleaning supplies can actually leave behind a cloudy film on vinyl floors, making them appear dirtier than they were before you attempted to “clean” them. Instead, use gentle detergent mixed with warm water. 
  4. Broom first, then mop – To make sure your home’s vinyl floors are free from debris before you begin mopping them, use a broom and dustpan first. This way, you won’t just be dragging dirt and dust particles around your floors. It will also prevent debris from scratching your vinyl as you mop.
  5. Avoid steam mops altogether – Steam mops require high temperatures to work properly. Vinyl flooring cannot handle this level of heat, so it is important to avoid using them. If you have a steam mop for other types of flooring in your Carolina residence, make sure the rest of your family also knows it shouldn’t be used on vinyl covered areas!

These five simple tricks should help you prolong the life of your residential vinyl flooring so you and your family can enjoy your investment for many years into the future! 

If you’re still thinking about purchasing vinyl flooring, but haven’t yet made a purchase, you won’t regret it. Vinyl is perfect for nearly everyone, from young singles and couples who want low-maintenance floors to families with kids and pets to senior citizens who want to make sure they don’t slip. No matter who you are, you’ll enjoy upscale vinyl floors in your house.

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