5 Ways to Keep Cold-Weather Gear Organized

If you’re like most people in the Carolinas, the idea of summer ending and cold weather arriving is not something you enjoy. Even if you live in a region where the temperatures outside don’t get too frigid, you probably have at least some cold-weather gear you have to drag out year after year. It can get frustrating to have nowhere good to store the items you need for wintertime, making the dreariest season of the year even less enjoyable. That’s where this guide comes in. Here are five items that will help you keep your cold-weather gear organized all year long. 

    1. Buy a coat rack – Do your family’s coats and winter hats often end up in a pile on the floor or somewhere else in your entryway? If so, it’s time to invest in a proper coat rack. These furnishings have existed for hundreds of years and are still going strong. Pottery Barn offers an excellent option in their New York coat rack. Priced under $250, this option has a variety of hooks, including hidden spots for scarves, hats, or gloves. 
    2. Consider an airline trolley – If you are an avid traveler, you are sure to find this idea especially appealing. Instead of stowing your winter coats, sweaters, and accessories in a dresser you could be using for other things, buy an airplane-style trolley from SkyArt. The brand serves Southwest and other major airlines so that you can trust the durability of their products. In addition to ready-to-ship models, you can customize a trolley with colors and drawer sizes that suit your needs. The best part about this idea is that your trolley can simply be rolled to your basement or attic when winter is over. 
    3. Invest in a boot rack – One of the most annoying parts of winter is tripping over multiple pairs of boots every time you walk in the door. Investing in a boot rack is a great solution to this common problem. Where traditional shoe racks are often too small for boots to stand upright, boot racks, such as Symple Stuff brand’s version, are specially designed to not only keep boot sets together but to help them drain when they have slush and snow trapped in their soles. 
    4. Look for unique hooks – Wall hooks are an essential component of winter organization. Whether you need to hang scarves, extra bags, or spare coats, you can’t go wrong with something unique and architectural. Umbra’s parallelogram hooks are a great choice. At $10 apiece, you can purchase several and arrange them artistically on your walls. 
    5. Think about your hobbies – If you’re a Carolina resident who enjoys being outside in the wintertime, it’s important to spend some time thinking about the equipment you need for your hobbies. If, for example, you ski or snowboard regularly, you will have to find a good place to store your gear. Bamboo ski and snowboard racks are a great option because they are durable, sustainably sourced, and attractive with just about any decor. 

Hopefully, these suggestions have gotten your creative juices flowing and made you more excited about the upcoming cooler weather! Winter organization doesn’t have to be drab. In fact, you can use this time of year to update your space and get everything in order for the spring and summer ahead. 

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