5 Ways to Make Your Porch Magical

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The families we serve live throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia, where outdoor living is part of daily life almost all year long in most regions. Since we live, work, and play in the same area of the country, we know how crucial it is for houses in these states to have great outdoor areas that can be used for both relaxing and entertaining.

There’s nowhere better for both of these activities than a beautifully designed front porch. As you look over the remainder of this guide, you will see five concepts that you can use to create a vision for your exterior remodeling project. Hopefully one of these will truly speak to you and your family!

Inspired by the islands.

Just because you don’t live in the Caribbean doesn’t mean you can’t take inspiration from the region’s laid back lifestyle. A relaxed, Caribbean-looking porch can completely change the tone of any day, taking it from stressful to calm in the blink of an eye. There are several ways to bring the flavor of the islands to your Carolina home. One great idea is to plant plenty of tropical plants, such as palm trees and hibiscus flowers, around the edge of your porch; this is easiest for those who reside in Charleston, SC and other coastal areas where these sorts of plants flourish.

Even if you don’t live on the coast, though, you can use tropical colors and furnishings on your porch. A palm-leaf inspired ceiling fan is a great way to make your porch feel beachy and painting or siding the exterior of your house in pastel hues is another great way to get an island feel instantly.

Make it bright.

As nice as covered porches are in the Carolinas, where it tends to be sunny and humid, they can feel a little dark and dreary sometimes. This is especially true in certain types of houses, such as Craftsman designs. If you have a shady porch, make it feel more cheerful by using brightly colored accessories and furnishings. Bold pillows coupled with bright yellow or turquoise chairs, for instance, are guaranteed to make your shady space feel happy!

Create a private retreat.

One of the reasons many homeowners don’t spend more time on their front porches is that they don’t have enough privacy. There are a few good ways to combat this problem. One option is to hang pretty outdoor curtains around your porch to create a fabric screen. If you aren’t interested in this solution, you can also build a natural wall using dense bushes, tall grasses, or even bamboo. You might want to talk to a landscape designer to determine what will work best year-round in your region of North Carolina or South Carolina.

Add swings.

There are few things homier than front porch swings and today’s homeowners are taking traditional styles and genuinely making them their own. One excellent option is to use daybed swings that your whole family can use for relaxing. These are the perfect spots to curl up with a good book or a cup of coffee. Kids can even use them for outdoor sleepovers during the summertime!

Consider your second story.

If the layout of your home’s exterior simply doesn’t allow for a first story porch, think about adding a second story one instead. This unconventional way of having a front porch can be quite magical. You can, for instance, add a pagoda and twinkling lights to make your space feel like it fell out of a fairytale!

At Hatch Homes, we love helping clients transform their houses’ exteriors, making them look like they’ve always imagined. If you are interested in a front porch remodel, give us a call. One of our skilled team members will meet with you and your family to get started as soon as possible!

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