5 Ways to Update Your Carolina Home This Spring!

As the weather warms up for the spring season, you, like most other Carolina homeowners are likely to find yourself wanting to improve your house. There’s something about the end of the winter doldrums that inspires people to do home renovation projects! It can, however, be difficult to figure out what remodeling jobs are the best ones to tackle. Here, you’ll see a list of five great ways to update your Carolina home this spring!

1. Focus on the kitchen – The kitchen is often referred to as “the heart of the home,” and with good reason. Whether you’re a young parent feeding toddlers and elementary schoolers all day long or a retiree who is finally trying all the gourmet recipes you were never able to in the past, you probably spend a lot of time in your kitchen!

If, therefore, there are things about your kitchen space that you don’t like, focusing your efforts (and funds!) on a kitchen remodel is a great idea. Whether you just choose one feature, such as the countertops or cabinets, to renovate or you redo the entire room, you are sure to enjoy the end result. In addition, kitchen upgrades have one of the highest ROIs of any residential remodeling project. 

2. Install hardwood floors – While wall-to-wall carpeting does have its place, like in kids’ bedrooms and playrooms, hardwood floors can truly upgrade the look of most residential spaces. If you currently have older carpet in your Carolina home, installing hardwood floors will change the entire aesthetic of your space. If actual hardwood planks are out of your budget, consider laminate or high-quality vinyl planks instead. 

3. Add a room – Often, people dream of adding onto their homes from the day they close. This goal, though, sometimes falls by the wayside as life happens. If you’ve long wanted extra square footage in your North Carolina or South Carolina residence, there’s no time like the present to dive into the project! Remember, it’s smart to get quotes from multiple contractors before your job gets going. 

4. Have your driveway resurfaced – This spring renovation project is an especially good idea for homeowners who live in snowy, icy regions of the Carolinas. Salt and other wintertime grime can wreak havoc on asphalt driveways. You’ll be amazed by how much different the entire exterior of your home looks once you have your drive resurfaced! Although many people hire professionals to do this project, it can be a weekend DIY job if you want to give it a try!

5. Accessorize with color – The most affordable way to get your house ready for spring and summer is to buy a few new home decor accessories in bright, cheerful colors. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, many retailers have inexpensive, but adorable, home accessories that are sure to make your space feel comfortable and bright!

Hopefully these tips have inspired you to tackle at least a few projects this spring. Remember, do your research before starting any home remodeling job and make sure you either hire a reliable professional or take all of the necessary safety precautions! 

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