6 Red Flags That You Need to Replace Your Roof

As with just about any large purchase, the idea of completely replacing the roof on your home can be rather daunting. In certain cases, however, it makes more sense to invest in an entirely new roof than it does to continue repairing one that simply isn’t worth it anymore. Here, you’ll discover six red flags that signal it is time to replace your roof instead of having it fixed even one more time.

  1. The age of the materials – Different roofing materials have different average lifespans. Asphalt shingles, for instance, typically last no more than 25 years, while metal roofing and ceramic tiles can have about 50 years of longevity. Various factors, such as whether or not you live near saltwater and whether or not your region of the Carolinas experiences hurricanes, of course, can impact how long your roof will actually last, but it’s a good rule of thumb to just have it replaced if it is out of warranty when you notice problems.
  2. The state of asphalt shingles – Asphalt shingles are America’s most common roofing material. If this is the type of roof you have on your home and you’ve noticed certain sections of shingles are beginning to warp, crack, or buckle, it is undoubtedly time to have them replaced. This type of damage is a surefire indicator that the shingles are beyond repair.
  3. There are granule flakes building-up – Even new asphalt shingles will occasionally shed granule flakes. These small bits of shingle debris typically cause no issues and are easy to clean-up. If, however, you’ve noticed granule flakes clogging your gutters, exterior drains, or pipes, it’s probably time to contact a professional installer about replacing your roof. The granules that are on asphalt shingles help reduce the amount of UV light that is absorbed, ultimately keeping your home cooler. When they start to flake off in large amounts, you can assume your shingles are getting too old to function properly.
  4. The wooden roof structure is damaged – Just below your home’s shingles or other roofing material lies a wooden roof structure. If your roof is retaining water, it could start to seep through and damage this timber system. At the first sign of wood rot or deterioration, it would behoove you to invest in a new roof. Otherwise, you could run the risk of serious damage occurring not only to your roof but inside of your home as well.
  5. There are missing shingles – Although you should not necessarily be alarmed if your roof loses one or two shingles during a storm, noticing a large number of missing shingles that have left a bald spot on your roof should give you pause. If this occurs, it means that area of your roof is no longer protected from the elements and the odds are very good that the entire roof ought to be replaced as soon as possible.
  6. The roof has started to sag – Roofs are not meant to sag. If it becomes apparent that your roof has started sagging, you should call a professional roofer immediately. This problem is frequently indicative of a structural issue that needs to be addressed with haste.

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