6 Roof Options You Should Be Aware Of

If you are thinking about doing a major exterior renovation or if you are preparing to build a new North Carolina or South Carolina home, there are dozens of decisions you will have to make regarding the project before it even gets started. One thing you might not have thought a lot about to this point is the type of roof you want to have installed. There are numerous roof styles in existence, but in this guide, you will discover six options you should absolutely be aware of. Some of these are familiar to Carolina residents, but others are unique and rarely used.

    1. The Frame Gable Style – Think for a moment of how small children draw houses. The triangular roof they typically sketch is essentially what a frame gable roof looks like. It’s steep pitch is ideal for water drainage, making it a great choice for people who live in wet regions of the Carolinas. Furthermore, homes with this type of roof almost always have space for usable attics or spare bedrooms. 
    2. The Cross Gable Style – Cross gable roofs are in many ways the same as conventional gable roofs. The major difference is that the cross gable style typically features two or three additional gabled sections that join the primary gable at a 90-degree angle. This allows for additional interior space. 
    3. The Flat Style – Flat roofs are not particularly popular in the Carolinas, largely due to the fact that they aren’t great for rain runoff. In the United States, they are most commonly used for residential projects in the arid southwestern region of the country. If, however, you are building an ultramodern home in North Carolina or South Carolina, a flat roof may suit your design needs. 
    4. The Inverted Curve Style – Traditionally, curved roofs go down, toward the ground. Inverted curve roofs, though, go upward, with the top of the curve pointing at the sky. This is a unique roof style that is sure to help your home stand out. Be aware that it may result in slightly curved interior ceilings, as well. 
    5. The Mansard Style – Especially popular in France, the Mansard roof style involves all four sides merging in a low pitched design. Generally, buildings that feature Mansard roofs have dormers to make room for interior living space. This roof style, as a matter of fact, gave rise the “Parisian starving artist in a garrett” stereotype. 
    6. The Shed Style – Beloved by mid-century modern enthusiasts, the shed roof style features an asymmetrical pitch that runs the entire width of a house. It originally became popular during the 1960s and 1970s and is now enjoying something of a resurgence as that era’s architecture makes a comeback. 

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