6 Ways to Make Your Front Porch Feel Like Home

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Most Southerners find themselves becoming nostalgic when they think about front porches. Whether they grew up in a house that had a bustling front porch or they spent long summer days on Grandma’s front porch, North Carolina and South Carolina homeowners rarely leave their own front porches left unused. If, however, your porch is looking a little lackluster lately, use the six tips and tricks below to add your own personal style to it before spring and summer arrive!

      1. Install new light fixtures – Basic porch lights do their job, letting visitors know you’re waiting for them and preventing people from tripping in the dark, but they don’t usually have much personality. To add charm to your porch, install a new light fixture that suits your tastes. If, for example, your Carolina home has glam appeal, a chandelier is a great option. Or, if you love farmhouse style, consider converting an antique lantern into an exterior light. 
      2. Invest in a fun doormat – Doormats are among the most inexpensive ways to dress up your porch. Whether you find a fun option in a local Carolina store or you shop online, there are hundreds of doormat styles on the market today. You can even order custom options with your family’s name or your personal monogram. Whether you’re looking for something classic or cheeky, there’s sure to be an affordable doormat for you.
      3. Add inviting seating – If your goal is for people to “sit and stay awhile” on your Carolina home’s front porch, it’s important to give them an inviting place to rest their bones. Whether you opt for a traditional porch swing or sleek, modern chairs, make sure you select indoor/outdoor cushions and pillows to complete the look. 
      4. Pick some plants – Even if you have a small front porch, investing in a flower pot or planter will go a long way toward making your outdoor space feel homier. If you aren’t sure what types of plants will do well in your Carolina region or with the directional exposure of your porch, do some online research before planting anything. 
      5. Safety first – If you frequently host people in your home, especially older individuals or small children, it’s imperative to make sure your porch has a secure railing all the way around it. This will make everyone who visits you feel safe and at-ease. 
      6. Decorate seasonally – One of the best ways to make your porch feel inviting all year long is to decorate for each season. If you don’t have the time or money to completely alter the look of your space multiple times per year, make simple changes. You could, for instance, switch between summer, fall, and holiday-themed throw pillows or change out your doormat to suit the season. 

Creating a welcoming front porch that friends, family, and neighbors will want to gather on year-round doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Remember, the most important thing is to offer-up irresistible Southern hospitality! If you are thinking about extensive exterior renovations to go along with your porch remodel, contact Hatch Homes for more information about our service offerings. 

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