7 Key Reasons to Get New Residential Windows

A lot of the time, windows merely exist, and homeowners don’t give them a lot of extra thought. The truth is, though, that windows play a big role in everything from how your house looks to how comfortable you stay during North Carolina’s winters. This guide showcases seven of the most important reasons to consider replacing your residential windows in the near future.

  1. Windows affect your home’s curb appeal – Whether or not you’ve ever stopped to think about it, windows have a huge impact on how your home looks. Consider for a moment how dingy old windows with rotting, unpainted frames look in comparison to new, vinyl styles. Changing your home’s windows can make it look significantly more appealing to passersby (and to potential buyers if you’re planning to sell!)
  2. Windows can make or break your interior – The interior of your home can also be affected by the types of windows you choose. Want a rustic look? Consider buying windows that have raw wood frames. Want your vinyl window frames to match your enamel sink? Just talk to the Hatch Homes team about how to make it happen.
  3. Your windows will function better – If your home has older windows, you might find that you frequently struggle to open and close them. This can signal that the windows are not sealed properly or have swelled over time. If you replace your windows, they will function more smoothly, which will make life easier for both you and any guests you may have.
  4. Your utility bills will decrease – With each passing year, windows and doors get more energy efficient. If it’s been ten years or more since you last replaced your home’s windows, you’ll probably be amazed by how much money you can save on energy bills by replacing them. Your heating and cooling bills are likely to be slashed dramatically!
  5. Windows have a great ROI – New windows are a fairly cost-effective home improvement project, especially if you take advantage of sales and special offers throughout the Carolinas’ off-peak remodeling seasons. Furthermore, there are certain tax credits and other incentives available to homeowners who decide to install energy-efficient windows for the first time. Also, if you’re planning to put your house on the market soon, showcasing the fact that you have brand new windows will undoubtedly be attractive to potential buyers.
  6. Your home will be quieter – The newer your windows are, the more soundproof they are likely to be. If you currently have old windows at home, you’ll be astounded by how much less street noise you hear once your new panes are installed. This is especially great news for families with young children who struggle to sleep through loud sounds outside.
  7. You can rest easier – Today’s windows are designed with security in mind, which isn’t necessarily something that was a foremost concern for window manufacturers of the past. By replacing your home’s windows, you’ll be able to rest easier knowing you and your loved ones are as safe and secure as you can possibly be day-in and day-out.

The team at Hatch Homes will be happy to come to your residence to inspect your current windows and help you decide if now is the right time to upgrade to new models. If you choose to go ahead with this investment in your home’s future, you can rest assured that we will install them properly the first time, so you won’t have to worry about problems down the road.

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