8 Telltale Signs Your House Needs to Be Painted

If you live in a house that has wood siding, one of the realities is that you’ll have to have it painted from time to time. This is an added expense but can be well worth it if you enjoy the look of your wood siding or if you are attempting to preserve the original aesthetic of a historic home. Some homeowners, no matter how much they enjoy their wood siding, put-off painting until the situation is a bit dire. As you read on, you’ll find 8 telltale signs that you need to hire a painting contractor as soon as possible.

  1. Paint that is bubbling or cracking – Bubbly, cracking paint is not only an eyesore but often an indicator of bigger problems. Bubbling and cracks can both be caused by dry wet, wet rot, or mold infestations. These typically result from extreme weather conditions, such as very humid summers or frigid winters.
  2. Hard or cracked caulk – Caulk is meant to stay somewhat soft, expanding and contracting with your house. If the caulk on your home has become hard or broken, it’s time to consider having it replaced and your boards repainted as well.
  3. Faded paint – Most houses that have wood siding have to be repainted at least once every two years; some homeowners don’t feel comfortable unless their residences undergo annual paint jobs. One of the main reasons for this is fading. Over the course of a year or two, the sun begins to fade even the hardiest outdoor paint. Faded patches on your siding are a prime indicator that it’s time to hire a painter.
  4. Patchy stucco sections – If your house has stucco sections, such as on concrete porch posts, it’s important to make sure they are even before you have any painting done. If you neglect to have stucco cracks repaired, they are likely to lead to unsightly streaks in your home’s new paint job.
  5. Paint that has changed color – Sometimes, thanks to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, paint can not only fade but completely change color over time. Maybe, for example, the classic, neutral tan you selected is now an unattractive salmon. If your previous paint job has morphed into something you never wanted, you need to get on a painting contractor’s schedule quickly.
  6. Enhance the appearance of your house – Curb appeal is important. It can bolster your home’s property value, make the exterior of your house more appealing to visitors and passersby, and give you a heightened sense of pride about where you live. Having a fresh coat of paint put on your house is one of the best ways to enhance the appearance of your home without breaking the bank.
  7. New construction projects – Frequently, contractors don’t take the time to paint newly built homes properly. Instead, a single coat of paint is put on pre-primed lumber. This paint job isn’t likely to hold-up very well, so it’s a good idea to have professionals repaint your house soon after your move-in date.
  8. Take precautionary measures – Sometimes, it’s best to have a new coat of paint put on your home as a simple precaution. As you read earlier, some homeowners hire exterior painting crews every year. Preemptively having your house painted is a great way to avoid issues like bubbly paint, mold, and excessive fading. It also shows you care about where you live, which is something to be very proud of!

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