A Guide to Arranging New Residential Windows

If you are in the process of either having a new home built or doing a major renovation to your current residence, you are probably already aware of the fact that there are dozens of decisions you have to make about how you want your new space to look and feel. This can become overwhelming, especially when you begin to realize just how many little choices there are to consider! That’s where guides like this come in, though. As you continue reading here, you will learn more about window placement, an issue you might not have given much thought to this point.

The placement of the windows in a room can have a major impact on both aesthetics and how the space functions. In the following sections, you will learn more about how installing windows on different sides of a room will affect that area of your home. Remember, this isn’t something you have to figure out alone! Talk to your contractor to get his or her opinion regarding window placement and, if you are working with a designer, consult with him or her as well.

East-facing windows – Windows that face east will allow morning light to shine into your space. Many homeowners like to install east-facing windows in breakfast nooks for a cheery, bright look. If you are going to have a breakfast area in your new space, make sure you consider eastern windows!

South-facing windows – If you are thinking about putting in south-facing windows, make sure you consider that the sun is higher in the summer, particularly near the summer solstice, than it is during the wintertime. Southward windows are often situated below roof eaves, so that summer sun doesn’t glare too badly, but winter sun provides some warmth and brightness.

West-facing windows – Western windows are often the most tricky to work with. This is because the western sun tends to be the most intense and can cause both unwanted heat and glare. This is especially true in regions, such as Charleston, SC, that tend to have a lot of sunny days. If you are planning on having western-facing windows, consider creative solutions, like trees and other landscaping features, to block the worst of the glare from penetrating into your home.

North-facing windows – Windows that look to the north are extremely popular for artists’ studios, fashion ateliers, and other creative spaces because they never receive direct sunlight. Instead, they get beautiful blue-hued light from the sun’s reflection off of the sky. If you want an artsy look in your Carolina home, make sure you take advantage of north-facing windows!

As you and your building team discuss window placement, it is also important to evaluate external factors, such as the view you want to have. If there are, for example, particularly beautiful areas of your property you want to take advantage of, make sure you include windows that will allow you to see those parts of your yard.

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