A Guide to Choosing the Right Windows and Doors For Your Bungalow

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Bungalow-style homes abound in the United States and are common in both North Carolina and South Carolina. If you live in one of these cozy houses, and the time has come for you to upgrade your windows and doors, you will undoubtedly benefit from reading this guide. 


Many homeowners don’t realize that there are specific types of windows and doors that work best on certain home styles. Here, we’ll dive into what exactly a bungalow is and what kinds of windows and doors you should consider for your upcoming Carolina renovation project. 


What constitutes a bungalow?


Craftsman bungalows began gaining popularity in the United States during the Arts & Crafts movement in the early 1900s. These turn-of-the-century homes were a departure from the industrialization of the age, focusing on unique, one-of-a-kind features rather than mass-manufactured finishes. 


Bungalows often feature a great deal of woodwork, tile work, and other artisan-inspired details to set them apart from neighboring homes. 


What window styles are best for bungalows?


When selecting new windows for your North Carolina or South Carolina bungalow, consider the following features:


  • Solid wood or wood-like finish on the window frame
  • Grilles on the window panes for an eclectic touch
  • Earth tones, like tan or cream, if you choose vinyl window frames
  • Art glass or stained glass window panes to add artistic flair


In regard to logistics, windows that are vertical rather than horizontal are generally the best choice for Craftsman bungalows. The following options all fit the bill:


Casement windows – Casement windows are extremely popular among bungalow homeowners. They have hinges and open outward, so they are perfect for small spaces – this is perfect because Craftsman houses often lack an open floorplan. Furthermore, casement windows ar easy to arrange in a group for plenty of natural light. 


Double-hung windows – Double-hung windows are one of the most popular choices for any residential remodeling project. These windows have two panes that slide upward or downward to open. They are both easy to use and easy to clean because of this design! Since double-hung windows are best-sellers for most brands, they are available in many styles, some of which are perfect for bungalows. 


Picture windows – Picture windows are ideal for Craftsman homes because they allow lots of natural light and serve as an architectural feature of sorts. The only downside to these large, lovely windows is that they do not open, so bear that in mind if a breeze is important to you.


What door styles are best for bungalows?


As you might have guessed, wood doors tend to look best on bungalows. However, these can be more expensive than steel and fiberglass doors. If your budget doesn’t allow for a solid wood entry door, consider a wood-look door made from another material instead. 


If money is no object in your remodel, however, you might even want to look into having a local Carolina artisan create a hand-carved wooden door for your Craftsman bungalow. This would be a nod to the artistic heritage of the home style as a whole. 


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