A Guide to Cleaning Your Home’s Gutter System

For homeowners in the Carolinas, gutters are a necessary feature. Without a functional residential gutter system, the odds are high that houses in both North Carolina and South Carolina will ultimately be at risk of sustaining serious damage from wet weather. 


Almost all regions of the Carolinas, from the coastlines to the mountains, experience humid springs and summers and rain at various points throughout the year. Some areas, such as those at high elevations, even get snow during the winter months. Melting snow can be particularly damaging if gutters are not routing the runoff away from a structure. 


One of the best ways to keep your home’s gutter system in good working order is to make sure the pipes and downspouts are cleaned on a regular basis. Here, we’ll outline some helpful tips that will allow you to keep your gutters in tip-top shape all year long. 


Do not allow clogs to form. 


Clogged gutters are non-functional gutters. As soon as clog forms — whether it is made of fallen leaves, debris that blew into your yard, or even a bird’s nest — you need to make sure it is removed as quickly as possible. When a gutter pipe is clogged, the water that needs to flow through the pipe has nowhere to go. Therefore, it will spill over the edge of the gutter, onto your house. Over time, this can lead to severe water damage. 


Sometimes it is possible for homeowners to clear clogs from gutters by themselves. If, however, you have any concerns whatsoever about trying to service your gutters on your own, don’t hesitate to call a professional team like Hatch Homes. Furthermore, if your gutters are obstructed by an ice dam in the winter, you should absolutely have an expert clear it for you — these can be dangerous to deal with without proper training. 


Semi-annual cleanings are important. 


To keep your gutter system in the best possible condition, it is wise to make sure it is cleaned twice a year. These semi-annual cleanings should be conducted by professionals, not only because they know how to do the job properly, but because they understand how to clean gutters safely. Because gutters are located near the roofline of a residence, the risk of falling off of a ladder or sustaining other injuries is fairly high. 


Generally, experts recommend a late-spring cleaning and another cleaning at the end of fall, primarily to remove fallen leaves. It is worth noting that if you live in a heavily wooded region of North Carolina or South Carolina, you might need to have your gutters cleaned three or four times per year. 


Seal holes properly. 

From time to time, gutters may develop holes. In many cases, these can be sealed without replacing any part of the gutter system. Generally, the area around the hole is cleaned thoroughly with a wire brush and then a piece of metal flashing is attached to the affected area with roofing cement. The patch should be an inch or two larger than the actual hole for best results. Again, if you are not comfortable patching gutter holes on your own, contact the experts at Hatch Homes to assist you.


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