A Guide to Creating an At-Home Haven For an Alzheimer’s Patient

As unfortunate as it is, Alzheimer’s Disease is a fact of life for many families. Whether you’ve just begun caring for an aging loved one who has Alzheimer’s or you’re looking for ways to improve life for someone you’ve taken care of long-term, this guide can help you. One of the hardest parts about having an Alzheimer’s patient living in your home is knowing what to do to create a calm and peaceful environment for him or her. 

Although no two situations are exactly the same, there are certain things that are almost universally appealing to those who are suffering from Alzheimer’s. As you read the remainder of this guide, you’ll discover some important tips that will help you create an at-home haven for the Alzheimer’s patient in your household. 

Create a routine rooted in positivity – Many Alzheimer’s sufferers become easily agitated and distressed. One of the best ways to combat this is to develop a daily routine that is rooted in positivity You can, for example, place photographs of happy family memories strategically throughout your home, regularly schedule visits with beloved friends and relatives, and play uplifting music through a surround sound system. 

Engage in appropriately stimulating activities – Sometimes overstimulation can be a major problem for Alzehiemer’s patients. Using appropriate stimuli, though, is an excellent way to improve daily life for your loved one. Organizing and reducing clutter throughout your living space can help your loved one function more normally. 

Another great idea is to provide your live-in Alzheimer’s patient with certain choices, but not enough that he or she will become overwhelmed. For instance, keep a small dresser or armoire with 4-5 outfit choices that he or she can select from each day. Another good idea is to offer 2-3 breakfast or lunch options on a daily basis. 

Get outside when you can – Alzheimer’s patients have varying levels of mobility depending on their age and other health issues. However, if you are able to get outside with your elderly loved one, do so as much as possible! North Carolina and South Carolina offer excellent weather for much of the year, so walks around local neighborhoods and parks are perfect.

Join a support group – Churches, community organizations, and even hospitals sometimes offer support groups or social groups for Alzheimer’s patients and their caregivers. Depending on what group you opt to join, you might find yourself attending meetings with your loved one or going to your own session while he or she is cared for by a qualified professional. This gives both you and your ailing family member the chance to connect with others, which can be vital to your overall success in dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease. 

Never forget that you know your loved one best. Some of these ideas may not be appropriate for your situation, while others might be exactly what you’ve been searching for over the past few months or years. Living with Alzheimer’s is a challenge for families, but the more effort you put forth, the better your whole household’s lifestyle can be. 

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