A Guide to Dealing With a Roofing Emergency

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Even though you might not regularly give it a lot of consideration, your home’s roof is an extremely important part of your family’s overall security and well-being. As a general rule, you have some warning when your roof needs to be repaired or replaced. You might, for instance, find a small leak coming from an interior ceiling or notice some loose shingles hanging onto the eaves of your home. In certain situations, though, roofing emergencies do occur. These circumstances are what you’ll learn more about in this guide.

Typically, urgent roof repair situations arise as the result of severe weather. Storms can wreak havoc on a variety of roofing materials, including asphalt shingles, clay tiles, and wood shakes. Unfortunately for residents of North Carolina and South Carolina, serious storms are a fact of life. As you continue reading, you’ll learn how to handle sudden roof damage that needs to be fixed as quickly as possible.

Give your roof a once over

Once the storm has moved away from your area and it is safe to go outside, you should perform an inspection of your roof to the best of your ability. Remember, however, it is important to refrain from putting yourself in danger! Stay on the ground and look for any noticeable signs of damage, such as shingles laying on the ground, holes in the roof that you can easily see, or large limbs laying on your roof. Even if you don’t see any obvious problems, make sure you have a professional contractor perform a thorough inspection of the roof as soon as possible.

Don’t ignore interior red flags

Even if you are unable to see any roof damage from your vantage point when you go outside after the storm, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are in the clear. There can be interior warning signs as well. If, for instance, you see a ceiling crack that wasn’t there before, the odds are good that something hit your roof hard enough to cause the materials covering it to shift. Or, if you happen to start seeing leaks that you’ve never noticed in the past, it is almost certain that roof damage from the recent storm is to blame.

Understand what an emergency really is

Although you can (and should!) call a reputable local contractor to take a look at your roof as soon as you can after the storm, it is important for you to understand what truly constitutes a roofing emergency. Being able to tell the contractor what is going on with your home will help him or her prioritize jobs that need to be dealt with immediately, as opposed to those that can wait a few days or weeks. Gaping holes in your roof that allow you to see directly into your home, for instance, are a serious problem. A few missing shingles, on the other hand, can be replaced in a couple of weeks without causing further damage.

At Hatch Homes, we know that unexpected roof damage can be terrible to deal with. That’s why our team is here to help. Our skilled staff will help you understand every aspect of the roof repair process, answering every question you have from the day you call us until your roofing job is finished. We strive to leave our clients so satisfied with the results of our roofing repairs that they return time and time again for assistance with home renovation projects. We look forward to assisting you.

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