A Guide to Fiberglass and Steel Entry Doors

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While wooden front doors were once nearly the only option available to homeowners, modern technology has given today’s shoppers many more choices. In fact, a high percentage of the entry doors that are sold today are made from durable fiberglass or steel. If you are in the market for a new door, but you aren’t sure which of these two materials is the best fit for your needs, you’re in the right place. As you continue reading, you will find valuable information about both fiberglass composite and steel doors.

    • Fiberglass composite doors – Fiberglass doors are an excellent option for both North Carolina and South Carolina homeowners because they withstand dampness and humidity significantly better than real wood, but can be crafted to look like authentic wooden doors. This is thanks to manufacturers’ ability to produce wood grain texture on fiberglass panels and the fact that fiberglass composite doors can be stained with wood hues.

Generally, fiberglass doors have long lifespans, and many brands offer warranties that last for as long as homeowners live in their houses. Today’s fiberglass composite doors are made from durable combinations of outer fiberglass, interior wooden stiles for stability, and polyurethane or foam insulation. Another perk is that these doors do not require much maintenance, other than occasionally wiping them clean with mild soap and water. You can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to several thousand dollars for a fiberglass entry door system, depending on the features you want.

    • Steel doors – Steel doors are the perfect entryway choice for homeowners for whom security is a foremost concern. These front doors are incredibly strong and won’t warp, crack, or give way as easily as fiberglass composite or wooden doors. If you’re concerned about the look of a steel entry door, you needn’t be. Although this material might sound quite commercial, today’s residential steel doors are generally produced with wood grain textures. Some even have wood-fiber layers that can be stained to look exactly like authentic wood!

As mentioned above, steel doors are incredibly durable, which means they typically last for even longer than homeowners live in their houses. This means they are a sound financial investment. Steel entry doors necessitate little upkeep and some even have thin vinyl coats on their surfaces to make them even more weather resistant. This is good news for Carolina homeowners who often deal with damp, humid air. Steel entry doors, like the fiberglass composite options you already learned about, can range from about $150 to several thousand dollars, again depending on the features and finishes you choose.

We know that picking the right front door for your home can be a surprisingly difficult part of an entryway remodeling project. After all, it is likely to welcome guests and loved ones to your home for decades! At Hatch Homes, we are equipped to assist you with any door installation project. Our team of experts will help you throughout the entire process, from selecting your fiberglass or steel door to installing it properly for you. Simply give us a call to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled crew members.

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