A Guide to Hiring the Right Siding Contractor For You

New siding can make a huge difference in the curb appeal of your home, perhaps even more than any other change. Picking the best siding contractor for the job, however, can be something of a challenge. Homeowners sometimes find themselves overwhelmed by the various options available to them throughout Charlotte, NC, Charleston, SC, and the rest of the southeastern United States.

If you’ve been putting off having new siding installed on your home because you aren’t sure where to start, this is the guide for you! The next several sections each feature advice that will help you pick a siding contractor who will do the job correctly, giving you and your family peace of mind for years to come.

Decide on a Type of Siding

Before you start interviewing contractors, it would behoove you to spend some time researching the various siding options that are available to today’s consumers; there are quite a few choices! The primary reason it’s important to know what kind of siding you want before you hire an installer is that some contractors have specialties.

If, for example, you’re interested in an old-fashioned wood siding to preserve the appearance of a historic home, you might need to work with a different professional than someone who wants new, vinyl siding. In short, not every contractor installs every sort of siding.

Get More Than One Opinion

Although the Hatch Homes team certainly hopes you ultimately decide to work with us, we believe it is important for you to get multiple opinions prior to making your final selection. As a rule of thumb, getting three quotes for your siding project will give you a solid baseline to make the right decision for your family.

It is crucial to take the time to ask each contractor serious questions about his or her professional background, approach to every job, and timeline for completing your project. Furthermore, make sure you only consider contractors who are willing to give you references. When you contact these references, ask key questions, including, “How has the work held up as time has passed?,” “Was the job finished on time?,” and “Was the quoted price the final price?” You should also, of course, make any inquiries that specifically pertain to your job.

Obtain a Written Quote

Since you’re going to be meeting with multiple siding contractors, it is imperative for you to obtain written quotes from each one. This way, you’ll be able to sit down and compare each estimate before you make your final choice; much simpler than having to remember all of the information!

Look at Photos of Previously Completed Jobs

Reputable siding contractors typically have portfolios that showcase photographs of their prior work. Ask to view these during the interview process. Some contractors post their galleries on their websites, while others carry physical books with them to consultations. Either way, looking at these images should help you narrow down your options.

Hatch Homes hopes to impress you with both our expertise and our professionalism. We look forward to working with you on your siding project!

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