A Guide to Insulated Patio Coverings

With summer fast approaching (and summer weather already present in many parts of the southern United States!), homeowners throughout North Carolina and South Carolina have turned their attention to making their outdoor spaces as comfortable as possible for the duration of the hottest months of the year. If you have a patio, one great option is to invest in some sort of insulated cover for it. If you’re unfamiliar with products in this category, don’t fret; that’s what this guide is here for!

As you read the next several sections, you will discover some commonly asked questions and answers that pertain to insulated patio coverings. If you’re like most Southern homeowners, you will probably quickly become convinced that they are an excellent investment! There’s no time like the present to begin seriously considering having an insulated patio cover installed soon so you and your family can still enjoy it this summer season.

How are insulated patio covers made?

The most popular type of insulated patio cover is primarily crafted from aluminum. Aluminum is the perfect choice for this type of product because it is lightweight enough to not cause any structural damage when jutting off of an existing house. It is also largely resistant to the elements, which is important since it will be outside year-round.

If you choose an insulated aluminum patio cover, you can expect it to consist of a layer of foam insulation compressed between two sheets of aluminum. The panels that are used look similar to those used to build indoor freezers, such as the ones found in restaurant backrooms and convenience store “beer caves.” Most installers offer a variety of aluminum patio cover color choices, so you can choose whatever best suits your style. White is popular, but brighter hues, including yellow and aqua, are also gaining popularity.

What specific benefits will I experience?

There are a variety of immediate perks that you’ll get to enjoy if you invest in an insulated patio cover. One major benefit, of course, is that the temperature will be much cooler and more bearable on the hottest Carolina days. Manufacturers and installers generally state that homeowners can expect a 15-20 degree difference between the actual outside weather and the temperature under their patio covers.

You will also have to spend less time maintaining your patio area because your new cover will catch leaves, twigs, and other everyday debris that you would otherwise have to sweep up every day or two. Furthermore, depending on the style of insulated patio cover you choose, you may experience a reduction in the number of bugs and other pests you have to contend with for half the year.

If you think an insulated aluminum patio cover is the right choice for your home, contact your local patio company to discuss your options. They will want to get you on the schedule right away so you can begin enjoying your outdoor living area as soon as possible.

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