A Guide to July Home Maintenance

A Guide to July Home Maintenance

Different times of year lend themselves to doing different sorts of home maintenance. Fall, for example, is a great time to prepare your yard for the winter months, especially if you live in a region of the Carolinas that gets snow and ice. Spring is the perfect time to plant flowers and perfect your outdoor living space for the upcoming season and summer is ideal for numerous outdoor residential maintenance activities. 

In this guide, you’ll discover a list of important maintenance and home improvement jobs you should consider tackling this July. This is the height of summer in North Carolina and South Carolina, so remember you’ll still have plenty of time to enjoy your family’s outdoor living space before the chill of autumn and winter arrives. 

Add mulch to your flower beds and water them manually. 

Water conservation is more important now than ever before. As scientists uncover more about how critical it is to use less water, you and your family can take small steps to reduce your personal footprint. Two simple things you can do are add mulch to your flower beds and use a watering can, or even a hose, instead of a sprinkler system. Sprinklers use significantly more water than manual lawn- and flower-watering methods, so take advantage of the long, lazy days of summer to do your own watering!

Have your air conditioning unit inspected 

July is the perfect month to have your home’s central air conditioning unit inspected by a professional. Later in the summer season, Carolina air conditioning technicians often become extremely busy dealing with broken-down units. If you have yours inspected sometime in July, however, you will know if there are any problems before the extremely busy season and will, therefore, beat the rush and be able to schedule any necessary repairs in a timely fashion. 

Repaint the outside of your house.

Whether or not your home has wooden siding that has to be repainted every year or two, the odds are good that you have some painted features on the outside of your house. Perhaps your window frames are painted wood or maybe your porch is painted concrete. Painting can be a fun activity for your entire family to get involved in, from choosing colors at the store to actually applying the paint. Even fairly young children can use a roller with supervision. 

Liven up your outdoor space. 

More and more Carolinians are opting to stay home rather than go out, even in a post-social distancing world. If you fall into this category, updating your outdoor living space is a great July project. Whether you take on a major job like constructing a patio or simply adding some new accessories to brighten your existing decor, it is important for your exterior “room” to feel like an extension of your house. 

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