A Guide to Planning Your Outdoor Lighting Scheme

As more and more families are entertaining at home with greater frequency, the notion of having a great outdoor living space has become increasingly appealing. If you have been thinking about renovating your deck, patio, or yard in the near future, you’re probably beginning to realize that there are a lot of decisions that need to be made before your contractor can really get started on the project!

One of the factors you’ll need to take into consideration is lighting. This is especially crucial if you plan to use your space after dark with any regularity. If you’ve never developed an exterior lighting scheme before, you might be a bit overwhelmed by this part of the planning process. This guide is meant to help you think through some of the key points that will play a role in your overall lighting blueprint. Remember, however, that there are lighting designers and contractors who can assist you with this job for an affordable rate; you don’t have to handle it alone!

Know the sheer importance of lighting

Lighting is, in a word, everything both interior and exterior design plans. Without the proper lights in the proper places, the look of an entire space can fall to pieces. Particularly in outdoor areas, lighting is also necessary to create ambiance. If you’re going for a romantic, starlit aesthetic, for example, you may want to think about installing fairy lights on a trellis or pagoda over a large portion of your deck or patio. Or, if you’re going to give your guests a taste of the islands when they visit us, tiki torches can be used to great effect when they are installed without looking cheesy.

Consider how much light is necessary

When you’re planning the lighting design for your new outdoor living space, take some time to really think about how much lighting is necessary for the area. This means you’ll have to evaluate what people will be doing in each section of your space once your remodeling job is finished. Maybe, for instance, you’re having an outdoor kitchen installed. If this is the case, you’ll need to make sure there is task lighting by the grill, the sink, and any other appliances. If you’re creating a fire pit area for conversation, make sure there is enough ambient lighting that people will be able to see one another even in the dark.

Plan ahead to afford high-quality items

Depending on where you live, you may experience harsh winters when your outdoor space won’t get nearly as much use as it does during the warmer months of the year. In this case, low voltage light fixtures will probably have to be replaced after just one or two winter seasons. Even though it is more expensive to hardwire exterior fixtures, it’s worth the money. If you plan ahead to afford high-quality outdoor lighting products, even if they have to be installed in phases as you save, you will never regret it. Just make sure your contractor knows your plan from the get-go.

Outdoor lighting is such an important part of creating an enjoyable exterior living space that truly feels like an extension of your home. Hopefully this information has helped you better understand what you need to consider before starting your renovation and will make it easier for you to discuss your needs with any professionals you choose to hire.

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