A Guide to Prepping For Your Dream Home Renovation

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Whether you just bought a house in the Carolinas and want to start making changes right away or you’re preparing to update a home you’ve lived in for years, prepping for your dream home renovation can be a daunting (but exciting!) task. Fortunately, there are a number of steps you can take now to be ready for every eventuality when construction actually gets underway. 

As you read the next several paragraphs, you’ll discover tips that will help you be as prepared as possible for your dream remodeling project. Remember, though, almost every residential renovation has some unexpected circumstances. If you come to terms with this now, you’ll be less shocked and stressed when issues arise. 

In the end, all that really matters is that you and your family will have the Carolina home you’ve always dreamed of. Try to keep that goal in mind if and when something goes wrong during your upcoming renovation! Positivity is key to getting through any remodeling job. 

Make a list of what you want v. what you need

The first thing you should do is write down the changes you want to make to your North Carolina or South Carolina residence v. the things that need to happen for the sake of everyday functionality. Maybe, for example, you’ve always dreamed of adding an entertainment room to your house, but you need extra bedrooms for your growing family. Depending on your renovation budget, you may have to pick and choose based on what is necessary.

Create a budget you can stick to

Making your budget very early in the remodeling planning process is critical. This way, you’ll know exactly how much your family can afford to spend before you start making purchases or hiring contractors. If you aren’t sure how to create a renovation budget, there are lots of online tutorials that can help you. You may also want to talk to your financial adviser or CPA if you use one of these professionals. 

Gather inspiration photos

Whether you plan to work with only a general contractor or a whole team of designers, contractors, and specialists, knowing what you want your house to look like following your renovation is crucial. It is smart to gather inspiration photos so you and your remodeling crew can be on the same page regarding the aesthetic you want. 

Interior design magazines, decorating blogs, and online pin boards can all be invaluable sources of inspiration as you prepare for your upcoming project. It is also a good idea to tell your team about any features you want to make sure to keep in your home. This could include fireplaces, certain decorative touches, and original woodwork in historic homes. 

Hopefully, this short home renovation checklist has helped you understand the basics of getting ready for a major residential remodel. Every situation is different, so it’s important to assess your personal circumstances before making any changes to your Carolina house. You should, for example, see if there are any local building permits you need to obtain or regulations you must adhere to. 

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