A Guide to Reading Window Replacement Quotes

From time to time, almost all homeowners have to get their windows replaced for one reason or another. Maybe, for instance, a pane gets broken during a neighborhood baseball game or, perhaps, the windows throughout a house simply get too old to do their jobs properly anymore. No matter what has led you to start thinking about investing in replacement windows for your Carolina home, you are in the right place for some helpful advice.

One of the most challenging parts of obtaining replacement windows is deciding who you want to install them. In most parts of North Carolina and South Carolina, residents can choose from dozens of contractors. This can be overwhelming! As you read the rest of this article, you’ll discover a selection of helpful tips that will make it as easy as possible for you to read the quotes you receive from the contractors you’re thinking about hiring.

Understand the difference between quotes and estimates

It is important for all homeowners to understand that quotes and estimates are not the same, although these terms are sometimes used interchangeably by laypeople. A quote is typically a single sheet of paper that outlines what a window replacement installer thinks a project will cost based on his or her prior experience. It does not typically include specific material or labor prices, and your final bill may be about 20% higher or lower than an initial quote.

An estimate, though, is a significantly more thorough document. It is usually multiple pages and, with just a few tweaks, can be turned into a legally binding contract. Most homeowners only get two or three true estimates but may obtain numerous quotes. Any quality estimate will include exact material and labor expenses, helping you understand precisely what you will owe when your job is complete.

Know what can impact final pricing

There are a number of factors that can influence the final cost of any window replacement job. The amount of windows you are having replaced, for instance, obviously plays a major role. Although it will always cost less money overall to have just one or two windows replaced, you may save money per window if you purchase panes and frames in larger quantities.

The window brand you select can also have a major impact on your final cost. Upscale, custom-made windows, as you might expect, have a much higher price tag than budget windows purchased on sale. If your Carolina home was built fairly recently, you should have standard sized openings that any window brand will fit into. If, however, your residence is historic, you may have to opt for custom windows.

The Hatch Homes team is happy to handle all sorts of window replacement projects throughout the Carolinas. No matter what the size of your upcoming job is, we can tackle it. Call our office to schedule a no-obligation quote and to learn more about the full range of services we offer. Window replacements are often combined with other exterior renovations, such as siding installation and roofing repairs. Our team can help you with every aspect of your home’s transformation!

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