A Guide to Replacing Outdated Wood Windows

Wood window frames have their merits. They are sturdy, very attractive when properly maintained, and, at least in historic homes, often authentic to a bygone era. After some time, however, wooden windows often need to be replaced. If you have been thinking about replacing the old, wood frame windows in your house, the information in this guide will be extremely useful to you. There are a lot of things to consider prior to having windows replaced.

When should I start considering window replacement?

There are several issues that indicate you should start seriously thinking about replacing your wooden windows. If you notice a draft every time you pass a particular window, or you can see a gap between the window frame and your wall, for instance, it’s a clear sign that something has shifted and the window no longer fits in its opening. Drafty windows can lead to higher utility bills, so replacing them is crucial.

Another reason to replace wooden windows is if the frames are actually beginning to rot. This typically happens in historic homes, particularly those that sat vacant for any period of time without proper care. Rotten window frames are not only an eyesore, but can ultimately result in structural problems if they are not removed and replaced.

Should I get wooden windows again?

If your North Carolina or South Carolina home originally had wooden windows, you might be thinking about choosing this material again to preserve the authenticity and integrity of your home. Before you make your final decision, you ought to take some time to think about the pros and cons of wood window frames.

Among the most positive attributes of this material is its attractive appearance. Wooden windows have a rich, upscale look that enhances the overall look of any style of home. Furthermore, because they are a more expensive option than some other types of windows, they often increase the value of a home. This is great if you’re looking to do renovations that will boost your entire property value.

The primary downsides to wooden windows are the fact that they require more maintenance than vinyl or fiberglass styles and are, as mentioned above, one of the pricier window options on the market today. The cost of wood frame windows does, however, depend somewhat on the type of wood you select. More common hardwoods, such as oak and cedar, are less pricey than exotic options, like ipe.

Who should install my windows?

Some homeowners think that window installation is something they can manage on their own, without the assistance of a professional. In reality, though, this isn’t a good idea for a variety of reasons. For one thing, you may improperly install the windows, leading to expensive repairs down the line. For another, you could void any manufacturer’s warranties that were included with your new windows by performing an amateur installation.

If you’re thinking about investing in brand new wooden windows to replace the ones you currently have, give the Hatch Homes crew a call. We will work with you to select the best windows for your home, no matter which region of North Carolina or South Carolina you live in. We look forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to install your gorgeous new windows soon.

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