A Guide to Saving Money on Replacement Windows

From time to time, nearly every homeowner has to purchase replacement windows. Whether your windows need to be upgraded for energy efficiency purposes or get broken in some kind of weather-related incident, the odds are good that you’ll find yourself considering a whole-house window replacement job at some point. In some cases, homeowners find themselves surprised by how much new windows cost. If you’re currently dealing with sticker shock, the information in this article will be useful to you. You will find several great ways to save money on replacement windows as you read on. 

Check for local and state tax incentives

In a world where people are increasingly concerned with making energy-efficient choices, local and state governments have begun to offer a variety of tax incentive and rebate programs. For more information about what is offered in North Carolina and South Carolina, or in your municipality, do some online research. You can also contact your City Hall for information about programs that are only available in your zip code. It is wise to look into local and state tax incentives before purchasing your new windows in case there are any brand or model number stipulations you need to be aware of. 

Don’t forget about federal tax incentives

The federal government has also shown their support for energy-efficient residential upgrades by offering certain tax incentives. To learn more about these credits, spend time conducting online research. You’ll find that the majority of federal tax credits require you to invest in Energy Star rated windows that meet specific requirements. If you are uncertain about whether or not any of the window styles you are considering will qualify, talk to your salesperson or to your installation contractor. These professionals should know which windows are eligible. 

Schedule an energy audit

Utility companies frequently offer no-charge energy audits. This means that one of their workers will come to your home and assess the upgrades you have made to your property. In certain cases, reductions to your energy bills may be made. Some utility providers, for example, offer discounts of up to about $2.50 per square foot when new windows are installed. You will have to talk to your specific utility company, however, to find out what perks may be offered in your North Carolina or South Carolina region. 

Keep your eyes peeled for deals

To maximize your savings on replacement windows, make sure you get the best deal on your purchase. Many window manufacturers and home improvement retailers run sales throughout the year. Major shopping holidays, such as Labor Day, Memorial Day, and Black Friday, are all great times to look for special offers. 

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