A Guide to Selecting the Right Siding For You

One of the easiest and most effective ways to boost your home’s curb appeal is to have new siding installed. Whether you choose a similar color to what you originally had or you completely flip the script and select an entirely new hue, selecting your new siding can feel like a somewhat daunting task. This is often particularly true for homeowners who haven’t purchased siding in many years, if ever! 


There are a number of new options on the market — including up-and-coming James Hardie brand fiber cement — and even traditional materials, like wood and vinyl, are now available in more styles than ever before. Here, we take a look at some popular siding options that will help you make the most of your renovation budget. 


Vinyl siding


Vinyl siding is by far the most popular choice in the United States, including in North Carolina and South Carolina. Nearly ¾ of all homes in the U.S. have this type of cladding, and for good reason. Vinyl siding boards are durable, relatively long lasting — about 25 years, on average — and affordable on most budgets. 


One of the major benefits of vinyl is that high-end styles can be molded to mimic more expensive materials, such as rustic wood shakes. Furthermore, these same high-quality products often include heat stabilizers that prevent warping and cracking in extremely hot weather — before these stabilizers existed, one of the criticisms of vinyl was that it could be ruined in very hot summer temperatures, like those that sometimes occur in the Carolinas.


Cedar siding


Cedar siding is, perhaps, the preeminent option for those who are interested in wood exteriors on their homes. Particularly popular in mountain communities, such as Asheville, NC and the surrounding region, cedar siding is stunning in its raw state or finished. Raw cedar shakes have a red undertone that many homeowners find appealing — there is also less maintenance involved in preserving the condition of raw wood.


If, however, you opt to paint or stain your cedar siding, you can expect that nearly any product designed for wood will adhere to it. Furthermore, cedar naturally resists nearly all pests and does not easily sustain water damage.


Fiber cement siding


The “new kid on the block”, so to speak, fiber cement siding is fast making a name for itself in the siding industry. This type of siding offers a veritable slew of benefits, including hurricane-force wind resistance, fire retardant properties, and immense durability. This type of siding is manufactured using a mixture of cellulose fibers (recycled from trees), cement, and sand. 


Fiber cement siding panels and boards are available in almost every imaginable style and color, from traditional white lap siding to edgy dark-colored slabs. No matter what aesthetic you want your North Carolina or South Carolina residence to have, there’s a fiber cement siding option that fits the bill.


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