A Guide to Skylight Construction and Accessories

If you are planning a home renovation, you are probably in the process of considering all of the possible features you could add to your space. Many homeowners, perhaps you included, are interested in the idea of skylights. Not only do these windows provide a great deal of natural light, but they provide a level of privacy that typical windows are unable to. This makes them the ideal choice for bathrooms, closets, and other similar spaces. As you read this guide, you will learn more about how skylights are crafted and what accessories you may need for yours once they’ve been installed.

How are skylights made?

Today’s skylight window frames are typically crafted from wood, vinyl, or steel; these are the same materials that are used for standard window frames that are installed in walls. It is also not uncommon for skylights to be manufactured using a mixture of these materials, known as a composite frame. Because skylights have to be durable, the vast majority of them also have aluminum cladding on their outer frames. Certain brand names offer a variety of cladding colors, while less expensive options typically offer only silver and, perhaps, white.

Do I need to worry about my skylights leaking?

One major concern many homeowners have in regard to skylights is that they will leak. In some cases, this worry actually deters people from purchasing the skylights they’ve always wanted, especially if they have friends or relatives whose older skylights did have leaking issues. Nowadays, however, manufacturers have begun crafting their products with built-in flashing that prevents leaks from starting. Furthermore, condensation gutters are a popular feature that largely eliminates annoying water build-up, which can lead to leaks in rare cases, on skylight window panes.

What kinds of extras do I need to consider?

There are quite a few skylight window accessories on the market today. Shades, for example, are an important item every skylight owner should invest in. Even if you live in an area of North Carolina or South Carolina that doesn’t get particularly cold, your skylights will lead to a significant amount of heat loss at night during the winter months. If you reside in a chilly region of these states, you can expect the area around your skylights to be about 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the room. Shades help prevent this extreme heat loss. Some manufacturers make blackout shades for skylights. These are ideal for bedrooms where homeowners don’t want to be awoken at the crack of dawn.

If you aren’t interested in shades for your skylights, Venetian blinds designed specifically for these sorts of windows are another great option. These blinds are typically crafted from aluminum, making them perfect for both kitchens and bathrooms, where steam and condensation could ultimately damage fabric shades. Most Venetian blinds engineered specifically for skylights are electric so that they can be easily controlled with a remote.

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