A Guide to Snow Insulation

If you live in an area of North Carolina or South Carolina where snowy weather is prevalent in the winter, you might have questions about snow insulation. This term refers to snow that lays on a roof, essentially providing an extra layer of insulation. Some homeowners think that snow insulation is a critical part of keeping their winter utility bills down, while others have never even heard of this concept before. No matter where you fall on the snow insulation spectrum, the questions and answers in this guide are sure to be useful to you.

Isn’t snow on my roof a bad thing?

You may have heard that it is unequivocally wrong to allow snow to pile-up on your roof. This is, however, not necessarily true in all cases. As a matter of fact, seeing some snow on your roof is actually a good thing! It means your roof is doing its job and isn’t allowing too much heat to escape through your attic area. If excess heat was present, the snow on your roof would melt.

It is, however, important to note that there is a line you shouldn’t cross when it comes to letting snow build-up on your home’s roof. At some point, it moves from being a sign that your roof is functioning correctly to a structural damage risk. A good rule of thumb is to start removing snow when approximately 20 pounds per square foot have amassed.

“How can I know how much snow that is, though?” you are probably wondering. Typically, you should begin considering snow removal once two feet of heavy, wet snow or four feet of light, fluffy snow have amassed on your roof. Too much snow can result in broken shingles, interior leaks, and even wood rot.

How do I remove snow from my roof?

A lot of Carolina homeowners have never actually had to remove snow from their roofs before. While it is certainly possible to do this chore yourself, it is generally best to leave it to a professional roofing contractor. Not only are experts more experienced at snow removal, but they have special equipment that will make the job significantly easier. A roof rake, for example, is a tool that slashes the time it takes to clear roofs.

How much will I have to spend?

If you are worried about breaking the bank to hire a professional snow removal team, don’t fret. Depending on the size of your roof, it will probably run you $100 to $500 and, fortunately for Carolina residents, shouldn’t need to be done more than once a year. In the event that you are on a shoestring budget, talk to your preferred contractor to find out if any financing options are available.

The Hatch Homes team performs roofing jobs throughout North Carolina and South Carolina. Whether you think your roof has damage from past snow build-up, you are interested in snow removal, or you would like to invest in a whole new roof for your house, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We look forward to working with you soon!

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