A Guide to Understanding Remodeling Construction Timelines

Any homeowner who is getting ready for a remodel is likely to be experiencing a mix of emotions, ranging from excited to anxiety-ridden. Renovating your house, especially if you’re going to be living in it throughout the construction process, is always a challenge. However, the more you understand about the process, the more smoothly everything will go for you, your family, and your contractor.

This particular guide features some helpful information regarding remodeling construction timelines. As you read on, you’ll discover details that will make it easier for you to understand some of the terminologies your contractor uses in conversation and some of the things you might see in your contractual agreement. The more you know about the renovation you’re about to go through, the better off you’ll be; knowledge is power, after all!

Have realistic expectations.

First and foremost, you need to have realistic expectations regarding your remodeling timeline. It is not, for instance, reasonable to anticipate that a major kitchen renovation will be done in a week. As a matter of fact, a job like this might actually take months due to the various subcontractors and specialists who are involved alongside your general contractor.

Make an effort to talk to your contractor about the timeline for your job and try to understand how long the various phases are likely to take. Furthermore, don’t get angry if something sets you back a bit. This happens to a lot of homeowners and the more mature you are about the situation; the faster things will get back on track.

Know exactly what is going to happen.

Knowing what is written in your contract and grasping how the renovation process is going to look in real life are two different things. Take some time to speak to your contractor about how much demolition is going to be happening and consider how it will truly affect you and your family. In some cases, families decide that it is makes the most sense for them to relocate for at least the worst of the renovation; hotels, family members’ homes, and even AirBnBs are all short-term options.

Also, consider the weather where you live. For our clients in areas of North Carolina and Virginia where winter storms can be an issue, you need to be prepared for your home to be quite cold at certain points during your remodel or that the weather can cause inclement conditions that are unsafe for the crews to work in!

The end is the toughest part.

Although almost all home renovation projects have setbacks at some point, some major and some minor, the finishing touches always seem to be the longest stretch. Some of this is because you’re just ready for everything to be finished, but it is also legitimate. Finish work, including the installation of molding and baseboards, installation of new fixtures, and paint touch-ups can all be tedious jobs that take awhile. You might also find yourself waiting on certain furnishings or appliances to be delivered. Remember, patience is a virtue!

If you decide to work with the Hatch Homes team on your next project, you can expect us to answer any questions you may have about your job’s timeline, just as we do for all of our clients throughout the Carolinas and Virginia. We take pride in keeping our clients in the loop and getting to know them as individuals, not numbers. We look forward to hearing from you to schedule a consultation!

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