A Guide to Updating the Entry of a 1970s Ranch Home

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Throughout the United States, including in our service region of Virginia to South Carolina, many, many homes were built during the 1970s. Many of these houses were constructed in a ranch style, which was especially popular in this decade. Nowadays, however, 1970s ranch houses are beginning to look a bit dated. However, they tend to be relatively affordable, so many families have an interest in buying them, then adding modern touches to make them work with today’s design trends.

One of the main issues with 1970s ranches is that their entryways tend to have an old-fashioned appearance. They are often recessed and covered with a small portico roof; this look simply isn’t in style these days. As you read this guide, you will see some helpful tips that should teach you how to go about upgrading your own home’s entry to make it more welcoming for both guests and your own family on a daily basis.

Change the stoop

A high percentage of ranch houses constructed in the 1970s have raised porticos or stoops that look bulky and unappealing to today’s homeowners. Altering your stoop is the best place to start when you want to change the appearance of this kind of home. By removing the raised wall and adding steps that meet your lawn, you will both create a more open, welcoming atmosphere and (literally) connect your entry area to the landscape surrounding your house.

Add a new door

If your home still has the original front door that was installed in the 1970s, the odds are good that it has gold hardware, a blonde wood finish, no glass, and looks generally outmoded. Installing a modern, sleek door can do wonders for the facade of an older ranch house. For a sophisticated look that won’t quickly go out of style, select a dark wood door with a triptych of glass panels at the top. Then, pick hardware in a classic finish, like oil-rubbed bronze or brushed silver.

Create a modern overhang

As alluded to earlier, your 1970s ranch probably has a thin, metal portico roof that isn’t doing your house any favors from a curb appeal standpoint. During your renovation project, make sure it is taken down and replaced with something much more modern. A sleek, black roof that is installed at a slant is a great way to amp up your home’s aesthetic appeal while staying true to the lines that 1970s architecture is famous for.

If you love your house, but know its curb appeal can be improved, call the Hatch Homes office today. Our skilled staff will assist you with your project from start to finish. We can even put you in touch with great architects in your region of the Carolinas or Virginia if you are struggling to find one. We take pride in going above and beyond for our clients, no matter what they need. We look forward to meeting you and getting started on your 1970s ranch remodel in the near future!

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