A Guide to Using Brick in Modern Design

Brick is of the oldest building materials known to man. It has been used to create buildings for thousands of years and is still popular today, making it a standby for most builders and remodeling professionals. If you’re a homeowner who is thinking about renovating your current home or building a new one, a brick exterior is likely to be on your radar.

“How, though,” you might be wondering, “can such a traditional material be incorporated into a contemporary design?” You are not alone in asking this question! As you read this guide, you will see some great ideas for how you can employ a brick exterior without creating a completely traditional aesthetic. By the time you reach the end, you should feel more confident heading into your upcoming project.

Stay away from red bricks – Typically, traditional homes have red brick facades. For a more modern aesthetic, consider using tan bricks with gray mortar. These hues contrast with one another and have a decidedly contemporary appearance. This combination tends to look especially good on homes that have clean, mid-century style lines.

Combine brick with another material – Although subdivision homes throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and the rest of the United States have had vinyl siding and brick facades since the 1980s and 1990s, there are other ways to mix brick with another material. Ipe wood, for example, has a decidedly modern flair and is durable enough to hold-up to exterior use. Consider pairing ipe paneling with light-colored brick around your home’s entryway. Nobody will mistake this look for traditional!

Consider adding depth – It is possible for brick facades to be installed with relief; this means that some bricks protrude further than others. Work with your contractor or architect to figure out a pattern that will look great on your exterior walls. You may want to add depth to just one feature wall, or you may want the pattern to extend all the way around your home; both options will have a contemporary appearance.

Look into painting original brick – Some homeowners are very set against painting original brick facades, while others are open to the idea in order to achieve a more modern look. If you fall into the latter category and live in a house that has an existing brick facade, painting it just might be your best option, especially if the brick is red. Medium gray paint and stark white paint are both great options that are sure to alter the style of your house completely. You might also want to make other changes, like adding ultra-modern shutters or changing the material on your home’s roof.

Use brick in other ways – Remember that it is possible to incorporate brick into the exterior of your home without using it on the walls. You could, for instance, have a half-brick and half-wood privacy fence constructed. Or, you could have a brick path laid across your front lawn. You might also want to consider having your porch and front steps covered in brick, rather than the house itself. These are all things to bear in mind if you’re struggling to figure out where to include brick in your remodel.

The Hatch Homes team hopes to hear from you soon about your upcoming exterior project. We will help you figure out exactly how to make your brick facade look as modern as your lifestyle is. We’ve long served North Carolina and South Carolina families, so you can trust you’re in good hands when you choose us!

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