A Guide to Various Kinds of Gutters

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Gutters are an infrequently discussed, but extremely important, part of any home’s exterior. Without a properly functioning gutter system, a wide variety of problems could arise. If, for instance, fallen leaves and water cannot exit your roof via gutters, they will eventually cause asphalt shingles to rot or lead to a mold issue.

If you think the time has come to consider investing in new gutters, you are sure to benefit from reading this article. Below, you’ll learn about several different types of gutters you can choose from as a homeowner in today’s world. It is worth noting, though, that you should discuss your project with your contractor prior to ordering a new gutter system. He or she may have suggestions for what will work best on your house.

Common Gutter Materials

Aluminum – Aluminum gutters are the most commonly sold in the United States. This material resists corrosion, weighs very little, is affordable on almost any budget, and comes in a wide range of colors that match many home styles. The main issue with aluminum is that it can bend and warp in strong winds or extreme temperatures, which affect some of our clients, particularly those who deal with hurricanes on the Carolina coast.

Galvanized steel – Galvanized steel gutters are among the strongest options on the market, but although they are coated in zinc, they tend to rust quickly. One of the best ways to make galvanized gutters last as long as possible is to make sure they are cleaned regularly; leaves and standing water can cause them to erode more quickly than they naturally will.

Copper – Copper gutters are among the most expensive options available to homeowners, but they will last a lifetime. They are especially popular among people who intend to stay in their houses for decades to come and don’t want to deal with replacing gutters again. It does bear noting that copper may or may not withstand hurricane-force winds, which could be an issue for our clients on the coast.

Vinyl – Vinyl has not been around as long as the other materials featured in this guide, but vinyl gutters are a budget-friendly option for families in any region of the Carolinas or Virginia. These gutters provide many of the same benefits as vinyl siding, including the fact that they are available in numerous colors and are easy to install due to their lightweight.

Other Factors to Consider

Gutter systems can be complicated. There are, as a matter of fact, twelve different gutter profiles homeowners can choose from; “K” style gutters are the most popular today. During the gutter shopping process, people also have to learn about half-round gutters, fascia gutters, downspouts, and other parts of gutter systems. This can all seem overwhelming!

Fortunately, the team at Hatch Homes is here to help you. We know that gutters are more complex than they seem at first glance. That’s why our experts will work alongside you every step of the way to make sure your new gutter system suits your needs and lifestyle perfectly. Give us a call today to schedule your preliminary consultation.

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